This Girl Scout Seasoning Will Make Anything and Everything Taste Like a Thin Mint

Fill the void in your heart when you eat your last Girl Scout cookie with this seasoning.

Have you ever taken a bite of your Thin Mint and thought about how good it would taste in any other medium?

Perhaps you've fantasized about dissolving it into your coffee or putting a seasonal spin on your french toast, or experimenting with a sweetened steak rub or fry seasoning. If the dream of a Thin Mint flavor-heavy diet has ever struck your fancy, then you're in luck.

Girl Scouts have released an officially licensed Thin Mints Seasoning Blend, made of "a perfect mix" of dark cocoa, mint, and fine cookie crumbles. With this on hand in your kitchen, you can bring the magic of Girl Scout cookie season to your life all year long.

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Your new culinary weapon is available to purchase at Sam's Club or via Instacart and will help fill the cookieless void you feel in your heart for approximately three-quarters of the year.

Mix it into your own batch of cookies, or give a little twist to your next brownie batch. Or, bring your favorite dessert into your favorite brunch foods and beverages.

One reviewer from Sam's Club assures that it "tastes JUST Like the cookie!!" They've mixed it into hot chocolate and sprinkled it on their pancakes, with intentions to try it with ice cream next, and we're adding all of those food options to our list right now!

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