Girl does a haul of the items ex-boyfriend returned after their breakup: ‘babe i don’t think he’ll want to stay friends’

We’re all familiar with hauls, right? One TikTok user recorded a haul of all the things her ex-boyfriend returned to her following their breakup.

Content creator @wincentshits2 posted a video showing the various items she received from her ex, post-breakup.

“So, honestly I like the Corona box. I think it’s funny, I think it’s creative,” she begins.

The first item she pulls from the box is a white tank top — that isn’t actually hers.

“We have, first of all, a tank top. This is not mine,” she says. “So, I think this is his sister’s.”

Next up, @wincentshits2 takes out two resealable bags. Inside, is a ceramic bowl she gifted him and a figurine of a fish she made.

“This is a little extra. He did not need to give this back to me,” she says while removing rocks from inside a sock. “When I went to Florida, I got him rocks from the ocean. Honestly, nobody would’ve ever known that he didn’t just get these himself, or bought them… but I guess… it’s the memories. It’s literally just coral.”

@wincentshits2 then pulls out a dried flower she gave her ex, which she says she’ll throw out, followed by a shot glass she previously bought for him and a treasure chest she made for him in ceramics class.

In addition to a shirt that says “I love when my girlfriend lets me play video games,” @wincentshits2 also received “one singular Lego.”

The final item she unearths from the box is another white tank top — which is also not hers.

“This is also not my shirt,” she says again. “These are like the exact same… these are too big for me. I think these are his sister’s.”

“they always give EVERYTHING back like the most random”

Fellow TikTok users weighed in on the hilarious breakup haul video in the comments.

“babe i don’t think he’ll want to stay friends,” one user wrote.

“Is this romantic or is something wrong with me,” another asked.

“they always give EVERYTHING back like the most random,” a TikToker replied.

While breakup coping mechanisms are definitely subjective, it’s possible this TikTok user didn’t need every single item — including that lonely Lego piece — returned to her.

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