39 Hidden Details On "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," "New Girl," And "30 Rock" That Make These Genius Shows Even Funnier

30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and New Girl are amusing, genius, and very, very, very funny shows. So, naturally, they are filled with amusing, genius, and very, very, very funny details.

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Here are the top 39 funny moments from these shows that may have went under your radar!

1. On *30 Rock*, GothamMoms.com has some hilarious talking points — particularly the last one.

2. On *Brooklyn Nine-Nine*, Hitchcock and Scully find a way to pass papers without getting up.

3. On *New Girl*, the alternatives to intercourse that Jess tells her students are pretty stellar.

If you can't read it, Jess's listed alternatives to intercourse are "Get to know a neighbor," "Tick/lice check," "Change your email password," "Look at pics of STDs," "Write a convict," "Meet a friend for decaf," and "Watch*Friday Night Lights*."

4. On *30 Rock*, in a live episode, there is a different Frank at one point. A Fred Armisen Frank.

5. On *Brooklyn Nine-Nine*, Gina is on her phone while the precinct is dealing with a crisis.

6. On *New Girl*, puzzling Winston wears a sweatshirt as pants.

7. On *30 Rock*, Jack has a signed picture of Jesus.

8. On *Brooklyn Nine-Nine*, Hitchcock always carries a comb even though he's essentially bald.

9. On *New Girl*, one person protesting against the construction noise makes a sign that says, "I've got ass if you've got grass."

10. On *30 Rock*, Yahoo Answers, Cinemax, and Spike TV microphones make an appearance.

11. On *Brooklyn Nine-Nine*, Amy destroyed Jake at chess.

12. On *New Girl*, Winston mimes his drink.

13. On *30 Rock*, there is a brilliantly titled Jimmy Carter biography.

14. On *Brooklyn Nine-Nine*, Boyle mentions his leather jacket seasons later.

15. On *New Girl*, in one episode, Nick just has a pickle in his drink at a restaurant.

16. On *30 Rock*, there is a brilliant last name.

17. On *Brooklyn Nine-Nine*, Terry reacts to a diss in the background.

18. On *New Girl*, Schmidt's love of *Multiplicity* makes an appearance in Season 6.

19. On *30 Rock*, there are some amazing *Harry Potter* shoutouts.

20. On *Brooklyn Nine-Nine*, the tagger defaces Jake's computer.

21. On *New Girl*, Winston – who is colorblind and sees Kermit the Frog as brown – cannot believe that turtles and beavers are different colors.

22. On *30 Rock*, Jenna has vodka — maybe water, but, nah, definitely vodka — with some whipped cream.

23. On *Brooklyn Nine-Nine*, during a briefing, Gina sketches the words "kill me."

24. On *New Girl*, Nick is barefoot a fair amount.

25. On *30 Rock*, there is a sign for Jack's lost pants in the hallway.

26. On *Brooklyn Nine-Nine*, you can see Jake trying to sneakily take a glass of orange juice.

27.On New Girl, the background of Jess's phone in a Season 6 episode is very similar to the puppy picture that made her cry in Season 2.

  Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures / 20th Century Fox Television
Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures / 20th Century Fox Television

28. On *30 Rock*, Tracy wears this presidential T-shirt.

29. On *Brooklyn Nine-Nine*, someone — probably Jake — has added to a sign urging people to keep the kitchen counter clean.

30. On *New Girl*, in the episode where Jess and Nick built a very strong table, they actually take it home to the loft.

This one isn't totally a joke, but I think it fits.

31. On *30 Rock*, Kathy Geiss straight-up eats flowers.

32. On *Brooklyn Nine-Nine*, Gina has a drink she clearly stole from Rosa.

33. On *New Girl*, after Schmidt essentially says that Nick is "a modern man with a nose that only America could love," Nick very, very subtly flips him off.

34. On *30 Rock,* "Immortal Characters" is on "Kenneth's TV No-No Words" list (spoiler: Kenneth is immortal).

35. On *Brooklyn Nine-Nine*, Hitchcock and Scully label their pizzas.

36. On *New Girl*, Jess knows Sam and Nick so well that she knows Sam will be angry at Nick complimenting Sam's beard before Sam even reacts.

37. On *30 Rock*, Liz has an impeccable senior quote.

38. On *Brooklyn Nine-Nine*, Charles makes a rule that Jake cannot talk about Derek while they're on a stakeout.

39.And finally, on New Girl, bears are mentioned in every episode.

On new Girl, Jess says, What do you call top no pants, Schmidt says, Oh, thats like a Winnie the Pooh, or a Paddington, I guess, pretty much any kind of bear and Winston says, Oh, Honey the Smacks Frog, theres the Donald the Duck
Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures / 20th Century Fox Television

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