Ginger Zee says hair 'doesn't define who we are' after she's criticized for new bangs

Ginger Zee claps back at a critic of her gray hair. (Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images).
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For Ginger Zee, it's just hair, don't care.

The ABC News chief meteorologist, 42, took to Twitter on Wednesday to respond to someone who told her to "Loose the new [hairdo], [you're] a pretty woman but that doesn't look good at all."

Zee wrote back, "Thanks for your opinion Gary. The great part about it is I like it and so do lots of other folks. And it's hair. It changes and grows, falls out & grays… it doesn't define who we are. It also doesn't change my ability to communicate my science. Have a great day!"

Zee’s response was met with lots of praise, with one follower writing, "Love your hair and attitude. And love when people can actually be true to themselves and do what they want and feel and own it! Need more sincerity in this world." Another shared, "Girl, you're beautiful, period. And what makes you even more beautiful is your kind soul. Trolls will always be trolls, keep doing you!"

Zee's haircut may not define her, but she did overhaul her look for a reason. In January, the Good Morning America star took to Instagram to share her new look, writing, "I'm calling them 'flu bangs' — because I’m so grateful I survived. Life is short, cut bangs, also, I may or may not have watched all three seasons of Emily in Paris when I was sick & had a little Lily Collins inspiration — no trauma here, just flu."

She had previously described her experience with the illness, complaining of "rolling fevers" and not being able to get out of bed for two days.

This isn't the first time Zee's on-air hair has been a topic of conversation. In October, the weather reporter removed her clip-in hair extension in an ABC News promo.

It's not the only time she's clapped back at a troll, either. In September, she responded to a person who accused her of dressing like a "retired stripper."

"I have been missing these harsh disses on Twitter lately," she wrote in response, which included the comment and her controversial fit. "Thank you for the smile. Now, in this storyline you've invented, when was my turn to streetwalker? And how did I get into the GMA studios? If this is what a stripper turned prostitute wears … I'm out of the loop."

Sometimes, however, Zee is her own harshest critic. In an October Instagram post, she got candid about her struggles with body insecurities, especially surrounding her stomach.

"Gratitude for my body," she wrote. "It's the toughest to achieve for me but I am committed to working on it. Fought a cold this week, haven't slept well, bloated and feeling the difference in age. When I step on the treadmill I sometimes force myself to not wear a shirt so I can see my belly. To obsess over it. Never arms or legs. Belly. Always belly."

She called learning to love herself a "process and an evolution."

"This morning I had the thought: I just wish I could start over. Start fresh at work, start fresh with my body image … but then I wouldn't be me," she shared. "And the me I am now I am genuinely proud of and wouldn't want to change."

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