Ginger Cat Abandoned with 'Cat Tree and Personal Belongings' Is Breaking Hearts

Video of two women finding an abandoned cat is heartbreaking. It's like their former owner just dropped them off with all their stuff and never looked back. Thankfully, these good citizens found the kitty and decided to do something to help.

One of the women, @pawsofhopenyc, pulled her camera out to document the cat that was perched outside a Brooklyn animal rescue.

In the video, it appears the orange cat was left outside the Paws of Hope Rescue along with all of its belongings; including a giant cat tree, what looks to be a bag of food, and some toys. But what's astonishing is that the owner left the car without any sort of carrier or protection.

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"Hi baby," the woman said from behind the camera. They managed to get the cat some wet food and got him into a carrier, but the whole thing was still pretty upsetting.

"Abandonment is a cruel fate no animal should suffer," the woman wrote in the caption. "The pain in his eyes speaks volumes. He's safe with me now."

Commenters were absolutely horrified. "The way he just stayed there with his things," wrote one person. "They put him out with all his little belongings ! Unbelievable!! Why couldn’t they put an ad or find him a home with relatives or friends instead of doing this?" someone else wondered. "I will NEVER understand how someone can do this! Thank you for saving this precious baby," another commenter praised.

Ways You Can Help Paws of Hope

This story really pulls at our heartstrings. Anything could've happened to this little guy if these women hadn't found him. Paws of Hope helps so many animals like this one, and there are many ways you could help their cause.

Fostering or adoption are good options if you have extra space in your home and are ready for the responsibility. Many of these animals need a loving home and lots of care.

Donating is another great way to help Paws of Hope and its mission. The organization takes donations through PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, or through their Amazon or Chewy wishlists. They even have merch, which not only gives Paws of Hope money, but raises awareness when you wear your shirt or hoodie around town.

Speaking of raising awareness, sharing the organization's social media posts or telling people about their work and mission can really help out too.

As for this kitten, we really hope that someone will bring them home soon. They need someone who will love them forever and won't leave them high and dry like their last owner did.

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