Gilbert Crockett Casually Killing The Spot: Crisp, Clean and Straight To The Point

Honestly, don't blink during the second line because you just might miss the kickflip into that front crook. Talk about proper flick! Gilbert Crockett takes full advantage of this buttery spot, and he's just warming up.

Is the switch flip up that beefy four stair just for good measure? While it's gnarly, I kind of enjoyed the cool, calm switch Ollie up the curb right before just as much.

Gilbert is one of those skaters who is always on it. He takes a certain pride in the tricks he tries, does and delivers. Always refined, always with care, basically anything he does is something us normal folk wish we could do—at least with the effortless style that he possesses.

How's this marble paradise? This definitely looks like a spot that would be a major bust, so he either rifled through these tricks as easily as he makes them look, or maybe he just struck gold? Regardless, each clip is a treat and is bound to spark some of that fire inside.

I'm ready for another Gilbert part. We need it. He's clearly been out in the streets doing his thing, all while managing his business...but still. We're patiently waiting, Gilbert! Until then, these little gems will suffice.

Video / @ceeblues

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