Gigi Hadid's Favorite Pancake Pan Is From Amazon & It's Only $25

gigi hadid pancake pan
This Pancake Pan Is Gigi Hadid-ApprovedInstagram / Amazon

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It’s no secret that Gigi Hadid’s influence knows no bounds. When she’s not setting the latest trends in street fashion, you might find the 27-year-old model and TV personality serving up inspo in the kitchen. (Who could forget her viral vodka pasta sauce recipe?) This time, Hadid has graced fans with the secret weapon for tackling breakfast time with a toddler: the perfect pancake pan.

In a recent interview with WSJ Magazine, Hadid gave us an inside look into her “very mom morning routine” with her 2-year-old daughter Khai. "I eat whatever Khai's having," she said, which she reveals is almost always pancakes and sausage.

To make this morning ritual even easier (and even more wholesome), Hadid said she asked “Santa” for a specialty kid-friendly pancake pan. “I ordered myself, via Santa, this cool pancake pan,” she told WSJ, “Each little circle pancake is a different animal, so she can have lion pancakes or llama pancakes."

The pan appears to be the Clockitchen Griddle Pan, as sold by Amazon. And, given Hadid’s influence, there’s a high chance the item is about to be selling like hot cakes. (Pun intended.) The pan is currently listed at $24.99.

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Griddle Pan, Pancake Pan Nonstick


The nonstick pan comes with seven circular pancake molds, each with an animal stencil imprint. So, if you’ve been looking for a way to make your morning rush with kids a lot less stressful—and a bit more fun—this might be the perfect addition to your kitchen. The pan also comes in a model with smiley-face molds for an added dose of sunshine in the morning.

After breakfast, Hadid said that it’s time to get moving with her daughter. "We walk a lot. We do yoga together,” she said. “With lifting her and running around all day and going to the park, I get moving."

Nothing gets you moving quite like a hearty, fun-filled breakfast.

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