Gigi Hadid Talks Cody Simpson & Hating Floral Headpieces at Coachella


Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid at the H&M Coachella party. Photo: Getty 

Friday was the official kickoff of Coachella and while her BFFs—Kylie and Kendall Jenner and Haley Baldwin—were running all over the festival like a bunch of fashion banshees, Gigi Hadid made a relatively low key first appearance at the H&M Loves Coachella  party at the Le Parker Meridian Palm Springs. What was she not excited to see this year? “I’m kind over flowered headpieces,” the mega-model told Yahoo Style. Hadid selected an effortless white dress from the line for the poolside party and left her head bare. “It’s very controversial,” she added, leaning in as if she’s confiding a secret. “But I just feel like it’s so over. Unless you’re making a fresh flower head crown, I feel like it’s over. I’ve never worn one.”

So, what does she like to wear? "Comfortable stuff,” she says. “This is my fourth year of Coachella, so I’ve been through the days where I wore the wrong thing and it’s not good.“ Her look this year includes an intricate manicure with different images on each nail. "I just wanted to go for fun things that make me happy, like Coachella makes me happy,” pointing to each finger. “Evil eyes to keep me away from bad people. This one is ice cream. This is bandana for Cody [Simpson].”

Speaking of her beau, we couldn’t help but notice that he abandoned Hadid almost immediately upon arriving at the party, shouting, “I’ll meet you at the drinks,” over his shoulder while she spoke to the press. “We’re complete opposites when we’re going to stuff together,” she said of her significant other. “I’m the one that’s planning everything. I have everything planned. I know exactly how far the hotel is from the party and the festival. He’s like, ‘Babe, chill.’ So he gets the chill out of me and I get him organized. That’s why he brings me on tour, probably, because I, like, organize him and I get his stuff when he leaves it in the dress room.”

With a jam-packed party schedule and full festival lineup, we can’t wait to see where the two lovebirds end up next.

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