Missed someone on your list? 35 best subscription services and gift cards they're sure to love

Kristine Solomon
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The gifts that keep on giving: subscriptions to services that deliver entertainment, beauty goodies, delicious food, and more. (Photo: Glossybox, Rent the Runway, Audible, Ritual, Splendid Spoon)
The gifts that keep on giving: subscriptions to services that deliver entertainment, beauty goodies, delicious food, and more. (Photo: Glossybox, Rent the Runway, Audible, Ritual, Splendid Spoon)

Most gifts are one and done. But if you want to keep the holiday fires burning year round, you can send recurring joy, in the form of a subscription gift.

It’s never been a better time. For at least a little while longer, we’ll all be staying close to home. Getting regular treats—or ongoing online goodness—boosts the spirit. Think a gift of fruit appearing on your loved one’s doorstep month after month. Or a weekly delivery of freshly prepped meals. Or a box packed with self-care goods. You can see the smiles from here.

Some subscription services offer monthly boxes filled with beauty and fashion goodies, while others provide digital access to workout programs, meditation classes, or language apps— anytime, anywhere. The range of options is better this year than ever before.

We’ve combed through the possibilities and gathered our favorites below: 35 brilliant subscription services and gift cards, so you can delight absolutely anyone on your list. Or, in fact, everyone on your list. You can literally finish your shopping right here and right now.

Here’s our curated collection of the absolute best gift subscriptions and cards to give this year (we want them all).

Beauty & Style

Sure, we haven’t had a chance to be out and about much this year. But that doesn’t change the fact that everyone feels better when they look their best. Now more than ever, pampering presents will be deeply appreciated. Behold these fabulous options for her and for him.


The leader in beauty boxes, Birchbox just keeps getting better. (Photo: Birchbox.com)
The leader in beauty boxes, Birchbox just keeps getting better. (Photo: Birchbox.com)

Gift a three-, six-, or 12-month subscription of brand-name beauty products including makeup, skincare and haircare. Right now, Birchbox will throw in a free bonus box with every subscription through the end of the year when you use code YAHOOEXTRABOX at checkout.

Shop it: Birchbox subscription, $45 to $156, birchbox.com

Rent the Runway

Pick a plan. Rent the Runway will deliver between four and 16 designer fashion items per month. As soon as you return them, new items of your choice will replace them in this rotating wardrobe solution. Gift subscriptions cover one month but users can cancel at any time.

Shop: Rent the Runway gift membership, starting at $69, renttherunway.com

Dollar Shave Club

Shave and skincare products for the fellas. (Photo: Dollar Shave Club)
Shave and skincare products for the fellas. (Photo: Dollar Shave Club)

Send a gift card to kick off a membership to Dollar Shave Club, where well-groomed men can have high-tech razors, skin-nourishing moisturizers, shave butters and more delivered to their door.

Shop it: Dollar Shave Club gift card, $25 to $500, dollarshaveclub.com


Choose from a one-, three-, six-, or 12-month gift subscription to this service that delivers five amazing beauty products per month to members. The Glossybox subscription plus a personal message will be emailed to your recipient.

Shop it: Glossybox gift subscription, $24 to $210, glossybox.com


Got a perfume lover on your list? Choose between a three-, six-, and 12-month subscription and have new fragrances sent to them every month. Bonus: as the gift-giver, you’re entitled to a free fragrance or two when you choose the six- or 12-month option.

Shop it: Scentbird gift subscription, $45 to $164, scentbird.com

Health & Wellness

While in-person self-care routines like regular visits to the gym are tricky or on hold, you can fill in the gaps with a virtual lift for mind, body, and spirit. All these digital subscription services work round the clock to keep the ones you love healthy.


Give the gift of great—and varied—home workouts. (Photo: Apativ)
Give the gift of great—and varied—home workouts. (Photo: Apativ)

Aaptiv is a service that offers expert-led virtual fitness programs—plus playlists—tailored to specific goals. Your recipient can find what she wants whether she’s looking to lose weight, build muscle—or even get back in shape after giving birth. You can gift a one-year subscription—it’s inspiration, motivation, and access all rolled in to one.

Shop it: Aaptiv Gift Subscription, $100, aaptiv.com


Demystify the world of vitamins and supplements. Ritual has formulated the perfect, no-nonsense multivitamins for women, men and children. Kickstart someone’s subscription with a gift card.

Shop it: Ritual gift card, $50 to $360, ritual.com


meditate headspace
meditate headspace

We all know we’re supposed to be meditating, but how many of us really do it? This meditation app makes it easy to start—and easy to stick with. It’s the perfect entree for newbies— friendly, accessible, and unintimidating. Gift either a month or a year, and get yourself a subscription too. It will change your life. (Not even exaggerating.)

Shop it: Headspace subscription, $13 to $70, headspace.com


These on-demand exercise classes can be tailored to your fitness abilities and targeted to your needs, whether you want to build strength, lose weight, or increase your energy levels and overall health. Offer a gift card to get their app membership going.

Shop it: P.volve gift card, $25 to $200, pvolve.com

Food Delivery Services

Whether it’s pre-made meals, kits that make it easy to prepare a gorgeous dinner, or easy-access grocery shopping, there’s a subscription gift for it. Super-popular in 2020, these services are universally appreciated—especially in these trying times.

Blue Apron

They'll get all the ingredients—and direction—they need to make a delicious, nutritious meal. (Photo: Blue Apron)
They'll get all the ingredients—and direction—they need to make a delicious, nutritious meal. (Photo: Blue Apron)

Each Blue Apron box contains just the right amount of ingredients (responsibly sourced) to cook an amazing, nutritious meal for for a couple or family—no waste (or grocery shopping) necessary. If you know someone who’s getting sick of their own cooking in these trying times—or who wants to learn to cook but could use an assist—kick off their Blue Apron relationship with this gift.

Shop it: Blue Apron gift card, starting at $60, blueapron.com


This service is made for busy parents who want to cook healthy meals without the hassle of regular supermarket shopping. Get all the ingredients you need in a weekly subscription box. Dinnerly even offers kid-friendly recipes.

Shop it: Dinnerly Gift Subscription, starting at $39 per week, dinnerly.com

Splendid Spoon

These healthy meals require zero prep. Splendid Spoon delivers ready-to-eat grub like roasted Brussels sprout bowls and vegan, gluten-free smoothies right to your door. Gift between five days of breakfast and lunch to five days of full meals — or enter a custom amount.

Shop it: Splendid Spoon gift subscription, starting at $95, splendidspoon.com


A great option when weather—or, say, a global pandemic—makes it tricky to get to the supermarket, Walmart+ is a membership service that provides unlimited free delivery, and same- or next-day service. And it’s just $13 a month, or $98 a year. (Instruct your giftee to change over to their own payment info—this way you can gift the limited-time subscription and the recipient can choose to extend it if they want.)

Shop it: Walmart+, $13 a month, walmart.com

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a grocery delivery service for fans of organic food who don’t want to bust their budgets. You can gift a one-year membership for $60 and even throw in an extra $25 to $100 as shopping credit.

Shop it: Thrive Market gift subscription, $60 for one year, thrivemarket.com


Who could have imagined how important streaming services would be to our year? Or audiobooks, podcasts, and news services? Think about the entertainment that helped keep you smiling, amused, informed (and distracted!) during 2020. You can give that to someone else right now. What a perfect gift. Here are some great options.


Disney Plus
Disney Plus

Disney+ is the best companion, when we can’t all be together—a holiday-hug in the form of a streaming service. Right now, you can give a whole year of Disney+ for just $70. Thousands of movies and shows, including the warmest, coziest holiday movies and specials.

Shop it: Disney+ gift subscription, $70, us.subscriptioncard.disneyplus.com

CBS All Access

You don’t need to pay for a cable subscription to get network TV. CBS All Access lets users watch live CBS programming, including movies and original series. Kickstart their subscription with a gift card. After that they can sign up starting at $5.99 a month,.

Shop it: CBS All Access gift subscription, $25 to $50, cbs.com


Give humor, mystery, and classics—with Audible. (Photo: Audible)
Give humor, mystery, and classics—with Audible. (Photo: Audible)

Audible, the audiobook arm of Amazon, makes it easy to venture into deep-listening territory, with great deals on memberships. This would appeal to just about anyone. It affords someone access not just to endless audiobooks, but also to podcasts via Amazon’s proprietary service. Choose the right price point for you, from one month to 12 months.

Shop it: Audible gift subscription, $15 to $150, amazon.com

Book of the Month

Never wonder what to read again — or what books to gift. Book of the Month lets you choose from the five best books selected by the service each month. Gift from three to 12 months of this amazing service.

Shop it: Book of the Month gift subscription, $50 to $170, bookofthemonth.com

Wall Street Journal

Keep loved ones up to date with a subscription to their favorite newspaper online. They’ll get unlimited access to WSJ.com plus WSJ’s apps and podcasts for 6 to 12 months.

Shop it: Wall Street Journal gift subscription, $117 to $234, store.wsj.com

Learning and Creativity

It’s cold outside. We’re limited in terms of where we can go inside. But hope is on the horizon (so our brains are not as tired with worry). That means we’re ready for some stimulation and challenge—the excitement of learning something new. Guitar, knitting, photography, Italian, Spanish—there’s so much you can give. Help someone follow their bliss with these educational subscription gifts.


Courses designed and led by true masters in their fields. (Photo: Masterclass)
Courses designed and led by true masters in their fields. (Photo: Masterclass)

Masterclass really does deliver on its name, with courses in everything you can imagine all taught by icons like Spike Lee, Annie Leibovitz, Gordon Ramsay, Dr. Jane Goodall, and more. Gift an annual membership for unlimited access.

Shop it: Masterclass gift subscription, $180, masterclass.com


Encourage someone to find their creative calling with a year subscription to this service and access to thousands of online classes and 24/7 streaming TV programming.

Shop it: CreativeLive gift subscription, starting at $149 a year, creativelive.com

Rosetta Stone

A new language? Si, por favor! (Photo: Rosetta Stone)
A new language? Si, por favor! (Photo: Rosetta Stone)

Give the gift of a new language, with the app from the company that’s at the very top of the field. With a Rosetta Stone subscription, your recipient can choose from about 25 languages. Choose a gift from three months to Infinity (a lifetime subscription is $179).

Shop it: Rosetta Stone gift subscription, $36 to $179, rosettastone.com


If you know someone who wants to learn guitar, FenderPlay is the perfect socially distanced teacher. Yes, they can learn to shred completely online. Gift a six or 12-month subscription.

Shop it: FenderPlay gift subscription, $50 to $90, shop.fender.com

Kiwi Co

Give an education gift to kids with this subscription service that delivers science and art projects for every age and stage. Choose from a one to 12-month subscription.

Shop it: Kiwi Co gift subscription, starting at $10, kiwico.com

For Pets

Friends who are serous pet parents always appreciate having their baby acknowledged. And if you have a pets in your home and heart, gifting them one of these great subscriptions means a little bit of joy arriving on the regs. Which is fun for everyone in the house.


Give 'em something to bark about. (Photo: Barkbox)
Give 'em something to bark about. (Photo: Barkbox)

A customized subscription box just for dogs? Yes, Barkbox handpicks toys and treats for your dog (or the pup of a loved one) and delivers it to their doorstep. (This just might change the classic dog-mail carrier dynamic.) You can gift from one month to a full year. Often, Barkbox will assign themes to their subscription boxes; for December, the theme is Peanuts!

Shop it: Barkbox gift subscription, $35 to $276, barkbox.com


Just for cats—and the people who love to truly indulge them—this personalized subscription service delivers what many reviewers deem to be exceptionally nutritious and delicious vittles for felines. A sweet gesture for the kitty-lover in your life—she will feel truly “seen.”

Shop it: Smalls gift subscription, starts at $86 for four weeks, smalls.com

Gift Cards

If you feel awkward giving them cash but want a gift they’re sure to appreciate, a gift card is sure to win them over. They can use it to buy whatever they wanted but were too shy to ask for, or they can use it to pick up dinner or the next round of groceries.

Visa Gift Card

These customizable cards ship within 24 hours, so you can still get them on Christmas Eve. You can also add a message, and play around with the design.

Shop it: Visa Gift Card, starting at $10, giftcards.com

Google Play Gift Card

Whether they’re an app fiend or have kids that can’t stop making in-app purchases, a Google Play card is a great get for anyone with an Android device.

Shop it: Google Play Gift Card, starting at $10, giftcards.com

Multi-Store Gift Card

They probably don’t shop in just one place — so why get them a card that only works in just one store? These cards can be redeemed at a variety of brands: This one, for example, works at Barnes & Noble, Lululemon, Wayfair, Ulta and more.

Shop it: Holiday Favorites Gift Card, starting at $10, giftcards.com


Choose from an array of fun gift card designs. (Photo: Zappos)
Choose from an array of fun gift card designs. (Photo: Zappos)

For shoe fiends and loungewear addicts, a Zappos gift card is a slam dunk.

Shop it: Zappos gift card, starting at $10, zappos.com


Who can say no to new bedding? And even if they don’t need a comforter or snazzy new sheets, they’ll love the brand’s luxe loungewear.

Shop it: Brooklinen Gift Card, from $50, brooklinen.com


Cold weather doesn’t stand a chance against Columbia jackets and fleeces. Make sure your loved ones are kept cozy and warm throughout the winter.

Shop it: Columbia Gift Card, $25 to $500, columbia.com


Whether they love the classics or their kids live for Elsa, no one will say no to a gift card to Disney’s online store (it even carries merch from the parks).

Shop it: ShopDisney Gift Card, from. $25 to $500, shopdisney.com


Skincare and makeup routines are so personal, so don’t try to do the guesswork — let them pick out what works best for them. Added bonus: Sephora is offering an extra 20 percent off sale items.

Shop it: Sephora Gift Card, $10 to $250, sephora.com


If they’ve sworn off fast fashion, get them a gift card for sustainable, well-made staples at Everlane. The brand’s pricing is ultra-transparent, and styles have been spotted on celebs including Angelina Jolie and Meghan Markle.

Shop it: Everlane Gift Card: $25 to $200, everlane.com

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