This Giant Chocolate Easter Bunny Weighs 3.2 Pounds And Costs Over $100 On Amazon

Alexis Morillo
·1 min read
This Giant Chocolate Easter Bunny Weighs 3.2 Pounds And Costs Over $100 On Amazon

From Delish

Holidays are always the best excuse for being as extravagant as possible. Especially in a current world where you're probably celebrating special occasions in the comfort of your own home, there's nothing wrong with being extra in every way. You may already have your Easter baskets and dinner spread set for April 4, but you still have time to order this three-pound chocolate bunny that will surely be the center of attention.

Chocolate bunnies are easily some of the most important parts of an Easter basket, but it can be kind of disappointing when you bite into something hollow when you were expecting a big hunk of pure chocolate. This semi-solid chocolate bunny will fill up the biggest of appetites since it weighs in at just over three pounds (3.2 to be exact!) and is 16 inches tall. The treat is extremely detailed too, including milk chocolate with dark and white chocolate accents and a clear image of a bunny wearing a jacket and holding an Easter egg as the shape.

If you're looking to purchase the massive chocolate bunny for your Easter festivities it will cost you a pretty penny, as it goes for $120 on Amazon right now. It does come wrapped in clear plastic with ribbon, though, so consider that the cost for a gigantic chocolate bunny as well as the included gift wrapping. Plus, the three-pound chocolate is big enough to share with the whole family. Anything it takes to justify a crazy purchase, right?

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