GH Tested: Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress

gh tested purple mattress
GH Tested: Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattresspurple

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Invest in quality sleep with Purple's innovative mattress. This 12-inch model combines layers of coils and memory foam, along with the brand's signature GelFlex Grid, an elastic top layer that feels squishy yet surprisingly supportive. Our testers give it high scores for comfort and say it stays cool all night.

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Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress


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  • PRESSURE RELIEF: With a medium-soft feel, this mattress is perfect for side sleepers or anyone with back pain. It cradles your body so your spine can stay in neutral alignment, plus it prevents you from putting too much weight on your shoulders and hips.

  • COOLING FEATURES: The combination of the coil base and grid-shaped layer allow for good airflow throughout the mattress. In fact, the cooling component is one of the biggest highlights from our testers. Not only is it cooler than other memory foam mattresses they've slept on, but they also find that it maintains its coolness throughout the night.

  • MOTION ISOLATION: It's also ideal for couples because the elastic grid layer prevents you from feeling your sleeping partner move around at night. Testers highlight the fact that there are fewer disturbances, and note they miss sleeping it on when they're not at home.

  • CONVENIENT ORDERING: The brand offers free shipping for DIY set up — which our testers often prefer over having to schedule an in-home delivery — plus a 100-night trial period to make sure it's a good fit. Though it's heavy, testers were able to set it up on their own with two people.

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