GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn Ends Up Hitchhiking On The Way to Vegas

Nancy Lee Grahn from General Hospital with a Soap Hub logo at the bottom.
Nancy Lee Grahn from General Hospital with a Soap Hub logo at the bottom.
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Alexis Davis, played by Daytime Emmy-winner Nancy Lee Grahn, has been in her share of scrapes over the years on General Hospital. She’s both gotten herself out of jams and had assistance getting out of them. In real life, the actress found a new hero while she was on a road trip to Las Vegas after her car conked out.

Nancy Lee Grahn: You’re the One

“My brand-new [car] broke down in the middle of the [Interstate] 15…here, let me show where I am,” Grahn shared with her Instagram followers as she used her camera phone to show that she was stuck in a desolate area. (What was Grahn driving? Let’s just say the model of her car rhymes with “Alexis.”) “So, kind of in the middle of nowhere, waiting for a tow truck…we’re just rolling with it because that’s what you do when your [car] breaks down after you just bought it!”

In a second post, Grahn showed herself trying to hitchhike. “Gee I wish I had known before I brought this brand-new [car] that if you drive 70 mph for 3 hours the transmission will fall apart,” she said.

In a third post, Grahn’s car — which broke down — can be seen on a tow truck flatbed as Grahn is recorded by her companion getting into the truck’s front seat. “We enjoyed standing on the side of the road of a 2-lane highway for 90 minutes,” she shared. “My scream at that scorpion that crawled right by my foot while waiting for the tow truck to tow my broken-down new [car] in the middle of the desert had similar decimals to the one, I did in Children of the Corn after being dragged through a cornfield by possessed 10 yr olds.” (Grahn played Alice in 1995’s Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest.)

“Hi so we’re in the tow truck with Juan, who rescued us,” Grahn next posted in a reel as she sat in the front seat of a tow truck. “He’s our hero and he’s driving us to Vegas and Juan and I are going to stop at the Elvis chapel and probably get married.” (Speaking of Elvis, click here to find out which GH actress starred in a movie with the “Love Me Tender” singer.)

Grahn’s, of course, joking about getting hitched in Vegas. Juan smiled and let out a “heh-heh-heh” at his passenger’s humor. “I’m so happy this unexpected turn of events has led you to the love of your life,” wryly wrote Jon Lindstrom (Kevin). “Go, Juan!”