Get Your BBQ Game Together, Frank Underwood

On the Tuesday night episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” the host brought something crucial to our attention during a parody of Netflix political drama “House of Cards.”

At the 3:09 mark, Fallon—in character as the show’s anti-hero, Frank Underwood—plows through a big ol’ pile of ribs, getting sauce just about everywhere. And although it’s a parody, this makes sense: Ribs are messy, and someone who professes to love ribs as much as Underwood does wouldn’t be afraid to dig in.

But in the real “House of Cards,” Underwood never gets so much as a smidge of sauce on his chin.

That is a serious plot hole, Netflix!

Another inconsistency? The type of ribs Underwood craves. “If I were to make one criticism of the show, it’s a South Carolina congressman’s barbecue of choice appears to be fairly sticky ribs,” meat blogger Mike Bober told The Huffington Post. “[True] South Carolina barbecue uses a mustard-based sauce and even when it’s not that, it’s a more North Carolina vinegar mop.”

Moreover, Underwood would likely have a difficult time finding above-average South Carolinian-style ‘cue. "Southerners have long suffered in the District for lack of decent barbecue," Washington City Paper wrote last year (although a few District-area restaurants do offer a mustard-based sauce).

But some critics argue that Underwood shouldn’t fancy ribs at all. Pulled pork would be more fitting a predilection for a South Carolinian, the blog Arrogant Swine professes.

Get it together, Frank Underwood! Hope your barbecue choices are more on-point next season.