Get Rid of Dry, Flaky Lips With the Wave of a Wand

Photo: Fresh/Yahoo Beauty
Photo: Fresh/Yahoo Beauty

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Having dry, flaky lips gives me anxiety. I get nervous, especially when having a private conversation, that the other person I’m talking to is eyeballing my chapped mouth and secretly judging me. Next thing I know, I start biting, and that’s a no-no.

I try to do everything I’m supposed to: I apply hydrating lip balms and exfoliate regularly. But with all the liquid matte lipsticks I’ve been wearing lately, this pucker of mine isn’t always super smooth. Well, I can now solve my dry lips problem with the wave of a wand. Literally.

The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Perfecting Wand combines the skin repairing benefits of a moisturizer and the gentle yet effective perks of a physical exfoliator. It’s not only foolproof but it also eliminates the mess that typically comes with DIY exfoliators.

All you do is twist the bottom of the bronzy wand to crank up the clear gel formula — made up of sugar, mango, and cupuaçu butters, and black currant seed and grapeseed oils. This pours right onto the soft applicator tip complete with teeny tiny grooves, which buffs away dead skin cells, moves the moisturizing exfoliant around my lips, and promotes circulation to create an instant plumping effect.

I love how the wand allows me to control the product, and the minty scent is quite refreshing. The product is also just the right size, so I can toss it in my handbag or pocket and give my lips a mini spa treatment at any moment — or whenever I can expect some one-on-one time.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Perfecting Wand ($24) is now available at and

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