How to get rid of a black eye fast

Maggie Parker
(Photo: Instagram/mandymoore)
(Photo: Instagram/mandymoore)

When Mandy Moore reaches out for help, she gets it.

The actress and singer posted a photo on Instagram of her shiner, and she needs the internet’s help with healing and covering it up.

“Shower door handle- 1, Mandy- 0,” the This is Us star wrote under a photo of the side of her face, with visible bruising and stitches above her eye.

A black eye is no big deal and will heal itself. But when you’re constantly in front of the camera, any sort of blemish is bad. So, naturally, Mandy was desperate to find a quick remedy. “Real talk: how does a girl get rid of a black eye pronto? Any helpful hints (minus Ice and arnica??). Thanks @stokerplasticsurgery for coming in at 9pm to sew me up!! Never had stitches or a black eye before… what a day! .” It’s unclear as to why she needs to get rid of it so fast, but it probably has something to do with shooting This is Us.

Of course, fans have jumped in to save the day, offering their own at-home remedies to help Moore, who’s been filming her NBC show this summer.

“Frankenscense oil and peppermint. The frank will help with healing and be careful with peppermint getting too close to your eyes or itll burn. Hope it helps and you heal quickly! @mandymooremm *hugs*” one fan suggested. Another brilliantly advised she camouflage it with a smoky eye. “Witch hazel should help breakdown the bruise faster,” recommended another. “I have had a few clients get a black eye before a wedding or big event. This really works. Ice for 24 hrs, keep your head elevated, use warm compress for next 48hrs and take vitamin C. A good makeup artist will know all the tricks for covering it up until then. Good luck.” Other fan-approved remedies were a little more unconventional, like this one: “Rub a toothbrush over the bruise and massage it to get rid of it fast!”

Some followers couldn’t help but point out how good she still looked. “Only you can look good with a black eye! Feel better!”

While some of these suggestions seem sound, Yahoo Beauty consulted a pro before offering the actress assistance. “The quickest way to speed up recovery from bruises is to use topical or oral arnica — a chemical derived from flowers,” Dr. Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group . “It’s a natural way to clear injuries, bruises, and makes blood vessels stronger and healthier.” Nazarian also suggested bromelain, a protein found in pineapples, because it “helps with redness and inflammation–so either take the supplements or have a few extra dietary servings of pineapples to help your body and skin heal faster.” Yummy and effective.

Hope that helps!

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