German Shepherd Patiently Waiting to Pick Up His 'Little Human' Is a True Gentleman

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We'd do anything for this dog.

When we were kids, the best part of our day would be the end of the school day, not because we didn't like school, but because it meant we could go home and see our dog. We know our dogs looked forward to our reunion as much as we did. One dog is lucky enough to speed up the process by joining his mom in picking up his sibling from school in this cute video.

TikTok user @zeushowardthatgsd recently shared a video of their German Shepherd puppy, Zeus, sitting in the backseat of the family car in the school pickup line. This good puppy is siting patiently in the car and waiting for his favorite human! Check out the video to see this good boy in action.

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Aww, Zeus is such a little gentleman. We loved how he kept looking around to see if his human was nearby, and we know his human was looking forward to this pick up just as much as Zeus was!

People in the comments loved Zeus' reaction to hearing his mom say his human's name. @iceangelbaddie said, "His head tilt is everything to me. At the mention of his baby brother, he tilts his head every second. Yay!" Another user, @myoungsr commented, "I love his reactions when you pick up Collin! He loves Collin so much!" Dog reactions to hearing their favorite words are the best, and you can tell "Collin" is one of Zeus' favorite words!

Others were very impressed with Zeus for being such a good boy. @twosweetgoldengirls commented, "Can we talk about how of a gentleman he is? He is perfectly sitting," and @stormiellis said, "The sudden focus was so cute." Zeus probably knows that he will get what he wants faster if he is well behaved!

This was just too good. It's awesome to see videos of dogs and the strong bonds they form with their human siblings. You know that Zeus and Collin will be best friends for a long time!

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