Georgina Burke Is Back in Stunning 2023 SI Swimsuit Photo

Australian model Georgina Burke amazed everyone with her gorgeous debut photos for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit last year, and she's done it again this time around!

The 31-year-old looked beautiful in a burnt orange bikini with thin chain detailing, with her hair styled in beachy waves.

Burke, who started modeling at the age of 17, returned to work with the SI Swimsuit team in 2023 after appearing as a rookie last year.

Previously, Burke has modeled for Ralph Lauren, Torrid, and more, promoting positive body image, confidence, and self-care.

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Sports Illustrated

You can find Burke's full 2023 gallery on SI Swimsuit!

While talking about her experience in the modeling industry in a video with IMG Models, Burke shared that, when she was first discovered as a teenager in Australia, the agent said that the one condition for a contract was for her to lose weight.

Burke said, "As a 17-year-old, getting told to ‘lose weight,’ you do fall victim to that. I fell into anorexia. Honestly, it’s taken many years [to recover] and it’s something that I’m going to forever be working on, especially as a woman in the fashion industry.”

After collaborating with SI Swimsuit a couple of times, Burke recounted her uniquely positive experience while on the publication's swim photoshoot.

She said, "I walked on set and [editor in chief] MJ [Day] was so incredible because she said, ‘If there’s any swim you don’t feel like comfortable in, you don’t wear it.’ That doesn’t happen on a shoot. She’s so about the woman feeling empowered and beautiful and confident.”

Well, it looks like Burke made just as great of an impression on SI Swimsuit, as the publication happily welcomed the model back for this year's issue.

You can find more information on purchasing the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue here.