Georgia May Jagger Will Convince You to Get Rainbow Hair

Photo credit: BLEACH
Photo credit: BLEACH

Georgia May Jagger, the daughter of none other than Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, isn’t shy when it comes to dyeing her hair (at home or in the salon). Just take one look at her Instagram and you’ll be hypnotized by her kaleidoscopic hair colors. The model and designer has even made a career out of it: She’s a co-owner of Bleach London, the British hair salon where Technicolor dye jobs are the norm. With three locations in the United Kingdom, the salon has finally landed in the United States with a location near The Grove in Los Angeles. Ahead, we catch up with Jagger as she teases her next hair color, spills the secrets to healthy hair, and reveals the surprising place she finds her beauty products.

How did you first get involved with Bleach London?

I’ve always been interested in playing around with different hair colors. When I was younger, I had a pink streak in my hair, but it wasn’t allowed at school so I would have to pin it up and hide it. Then, when I was 15, I did one of my first-ever photo shoots, and Alex [Brownsell], who founded Bleach, was the hair assistant. She was around my age–about 17 or 18. We became best friends through working together.

And about five years ago, she asked me if I wanted to invest in the business, and I became a co-owner of the salon. I have always been a big fan of Bleach. I always get my hair done there, and I never want to go anywhere else. It felt really natural to invest, because I am also a customer. We’re known for being the main place to go for bleaching and blonde, but we also have people that come just for haircuts or treatments.

Can you walk me through the process of choosing your hair color transformations?

I’ve done quite a few hair transformations with Alex over the years, and I was a bit protective over my hair and keeping the same style. It depends on a few things. Sometimes, we have a new color that’s coming out and I want to be the first to try it. That was just the case with our new Gobby Pink color, which is a medium shade. But when I was modeling, I couldn’t change my hair so spur of the moment, so Alex and I would plan to dye my hair during breaks, like around Christmas or during summer break. We would always plan out a color so it would wash out by the time I got back to work.

Other times, I see a color in the salon and I tell Alex, “Wow, I need to try that.” I also ask Alex what she thinks is cool or new. Now, we’ve tried almost everything under the sun. In lockdown, I got a bit more confident and started doing my hair transformations myself. During quarantine, we had a hair party, where a few of us from the salon and customers colored our hair over Zoom.

Photo credit: Bleach
Photo credit: Bleach

Describe the feeling of getting your hair done at Bleach—what makes it so great?

It’s this immersive feeling. We have sensory music playing that mimics the experience of your hair being washed and then dyed. We also have projections on the ceiling that reflect our multicolored floors. Then, we have a two-way mirror so that the people who are in the salon can see people in the retail area. Also, we set it up so that when you come in, you have the same person throughout your entire appointment, from the wash to the dye job, to the blow dry and cut, so you feel a real connection with that person. And then, you can keep in contact if you need help maintaining it or if you need a touch-up. It’s really a bespoke experience for each person.

Do you have a secret to maintaining your color that you've picked up from Alex?

A lot of people are afraid of bleaching or drastically changing their color. But at Bleach, our ethos is how to keep your hair as healthy as possible while doing that. I love to do this technique called a secret trim, which Alex taught me how to do, which is when you cut off just your split ends to keep the length of your hair while keeping it healthy with the color. We also have products like the Reincarnation Mask, which I can’t get enough of, and our Elixir serum. For a long time, I did a bright blonde, yet I had the longest hair I’ve ever had.

Like you said, switching up your hair color can be scary. Plus, beauty rules are constantly changing. When did you get to the point where you didn’t feel the need to follow hair rules?

I think there are a lot of misconceptions in the beauty and hair world. For instance, that older women shouldn’t have long hair or people with gray hair shouldn’t play around with color. At Bleach, it’s on the contrary. In our salon, it’s very popular for younger customers to dye their hair gray. I used to be afraid of doing the secret trim I talked about. But once I embraced that, it helped me get over my fear of change.

After that experience, I even wanted to move things around more in my house, and I actually embraced change as a good thing. Alex helped me get to that point when she gave me a completely different haircut than I had ever had before. Now, I get excited to try new looks. At the salon, we call costumers like me, who switch up their look often, hair chameleons. I feel more confident now. I’ll even cut my own bangs. I did during lockdown and posted it to Bleach’s Instagram.

How has the confidence in your hair color spilled over to your beauty routine?

I have been making a lot of my own products and experimenting with them. It ties back into the aspect of Bleach and embracing at-home beauty. Even though we own a hair business, we don’t want to put people off from doing their own hair at home, because it does save money. Obviously, I like to have both experiences. But for me, during lockdown I realized I saved a lot of money and that I can actually do a lot of beauty things myself. I have a lot of fun with it. And like everyone else, I was wearing pajamas, and then had enough of it and started to wear makeup again in my Zoom meetings.

Did you pick up any other beauty talents or new habits while you were in lockdown?

I did a lot of face masks. I started doing my own nails too. I think it was actually good to experiment with beauty stuff. I also cooked a lot and tried to bake bread. My mom was very into making jam, so we kept each other entertained.

Speaking of your mom, did she share a piece of beauty advice or wisdom that has stuck with you?

My mom is a more-is-more kind of person. She doesn’t hold back when it comes to beauty and is super fearless. She even cut her own hair really short from a YouTube tutorial. She is actually going to get one of our new copper colors, which I was surprised about because she doesn’t usually change her hair color. She’s also not so worried about following trends or what other people think. She embraces what she genuinely likes. The same goes for clothes as well. She believes in investing in her clothing since they’ll be in her closet for a long time, rather than buying things constantly and never wearing them again.

Do you have a first memory with hair dye or playing around with different hair colors?

My mom has always done her own hair color. I remember her always doing her own roots when I was younger. And my sister always messed around with her hair—dyeing it different colors. I have this memory of my mom putting my hair into hot rollers for the first time. It was a really cute experience. My mom comes from a generation where she had to do her own makeup for shoots or catwalk shows. She’s very good at that stuff. She’s taught me a lot of tricks. When she applies liquid eyeliner, she puts her head to the side so it glides smoothly, which I’ve never seen anyone do before.

Do you have a favorite hair look that you’ve done over the years?

I always go back to a hot-pink or magenta look. I really like that color for my skin tone, especially in the winter. I loved what I did for my summer vacation. It was different multicolored pieces. I’ve never had that kind of look, which is, like, a real bleached look but it’s a rainbow. That was really fun to do. I’m also into reds. I’m probably going to do a red next, because it’s been a while since I did one.

Do you have any holy grail beauty products?

I love all of the natural brands that we have out in Los Angeles. I’m always going to the product section and Erewhon. I love OSEA, especially their moisturizers and masks. Makeup-wise, I’m really into La Mer’s Luminous Lifting Cushion Foundation. It’s got SPF and moisturizer in it, plus it’s really light so it makes a good base.

I always play around with different lipsticks. I’m into the Bobbi Brown Lip Tints, which I’ll put on my lips and cheeks. I’m a sucker for trying out new products. I love to experiment with natural products, as well as makeup and funky colors. I am planning on making my own skincare line, which has been in the works for a while.

Have you picked up any tricks over the years while working on shows with so many makeup artists?

I love putting my face roller in the fridge or freezer so it’s cold when I wake up and have to go straight to work. I’m pretty obsessed with those rose quartz rollers and any kind of sheet mask or under eye patches.

Also, I use [these] Cryo Freeze tools, which are frozen sticks of ice that you use as a face massager. My brother actually got me them for Christmas. Any kind of massaging techniques, I’m really into because I think it’s so important to prepare your skin for makeup. I also use lip scrubs for prep. I think it’s really important, especially when I’m doing shows or shoots and we have a lot of makeup on. My favorite trick is to steam my face with like a muslin cloth, and then apply really hydrating serums or masks.

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