George Santos Claims He's Not Afraid of the 'Gay Inc Mafia'

george santos fears gay inc mafia
george santos fears gay inc mafia
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George Santos has announced he will “buck” the “Gay Inc Mafia” as he faces federal charges including fraud, money laundering, and identity theft that could result in him being expelled from the House of Representatives.

“For the record: My Husband Matt and I are proud to show the world that being Gay doesn’t necessarily make you blind to bad policy,” Santos tweeted on Wednesday. “We are proud conservatives and will buck the Gay Inc Mafia every time we have an opportunity. Unlike the idiots screaming ‘queers for Palestine’ we want AMERICA FIRST and WE STAND WITH ISRAEL!”

The post comes on the heels of Santos tweeting to celebrate his 2nd wedding anniversary.

“Happy anniversary to my partner in life and to my rock who has not skipped a beat over the past few months,” he wrote. “Thank you for being the most amazing spouse! I Love you to the moon and back!”

This is not Santos' first time talking about this supposed mafia. Back in April he tweeted that he “will always stand up to the Radical rainbow mafia!”

“I believe in the freedom to live and let live but will never bow to the indoctrination of the Rainbow Mafia,” he continued. “My flag is the AMERICAN FLAG.”

Then, again in June, during Pride Month, he tweeted about the Pride Flag saying, “My pride is in my country & Flag, not some false flag created by the Gay inc Mafia!”

While he was previously stalwart in his stance that “his flag” was the American flag, it appears that the Israeli flag is also his flag now.

The House is holding a vote on Friday to decide if it will expel Santos, which would make him just the sixth person ever to face that judgment. A two-thirds majority is required to oust Santos.