Genuinely Curious About What Kat Cunning’s Tequila and Kimchi Cocktail Tastes Like

Megan Uy

From Cosmopolitan

I don’t think there’s a single person out there right now in quarantine who hasn’t been experimenting in the kitchen. And TBH, it’s nice to know that celebs are right there with us. Especially when it involves booze. Meanwhile, Kat Cunning prepared a very…out-of-the-ordinary cocktail for Stir Crazy and it’s def for people who are willing to take, um, risks.

To keep things interesting, Kat decided they were going to use this cocktail-making time not only to show off their amateur mixology skills but also to display their at-home fashion wardrobe. (I’m just gonna say it now: There may or may not be seven outfit changes that happen within these next eight minutes.)

But now, it’s time for the fuzzy robe and to get down to business. They grab one single very large ice cube along with tequila, kimchi, and hot sauce. If you could see my face, I’m scrunching it too. Don’t you worry. But apparently, they like drinks that taste like food and this is just what we’re working with.

Continuing on with the ~food vibes~, they throw some seaweed nori in there because why not?? And then there are some dashes of bitters because we have to keep this a wee bit professional. After mixing everything up, there’s a whole taste test for the cat. Um, let’s just say the drink flavor was questionable?

Because this concoction definitely needed something more to it (sooo debatable, LOL), they came to the conclusion that a banana was necessary for the finishing touch. Thankfully, they just let it hang on the glass as decoration.

Even though that was a TRIP, I’m now curious as to what this tastes like? SOS??

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