This Genius Calculator Predicts How Many Lights Your Christmas Tree Needs

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Ready to deck your halls with boughs of holly, ornaments, and twinkling lights? Christmas Tree World is here to help. The British holiday haberdashery has just revealed its Christmas Tree Decoration calculator, which will tell you just how many baubles and lights your festive foliage needs.

While you might have the rest of your Christmas decorations down to a science—the stockings go here, the garland goes there—sprucing up your tree isn't as cut-and-dry as you'd think, especially if you've procured some new ornaments or purchase a fresh tree each year. One false move and your ornament arrangement can appear lopsided or uncharacteristically bare in some areas. (No pressure, right?) But, with the help of a few calculations, Christmas Tree World will determine how many festive fripperies you actually need—it's just up to you to decorate.

The calculator will first ask you basic questions like the height and shape of your tree, but you'll have to get a little more specific the style you're aiming for and the supplies you already own. (Do you want your decorations to be maximalist, minimalist, or somewhere in between? What are the size of your ornaments?) Once you've entered all of the key information, the Christmas Decoration calculator will tell you just how many baubles and lights your tree needs. It's a feature that's so clever, we're surprised it didn't exist before!

If you need to pick up a few more supplies, take a look at the standout holiday accessories below. But, no matter how many baubles and lights your tree calls for, this calculator will ensure your holiday is merry and bright!

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