Gen Z is obsessed with these apartment photos from the ’90s: ‘This gives me all the feelings’

A viral TikTok has opened a time portal to the late ’90s in all sorts of amazing and unexpected ways.

It was posted by a woman named Amy (@bernies_left_mitten), who shared several photos from her first apartment without roommates.

“a lifetime ago in 1997 when my lifelong friend Anna came to visit me at my new apartment which was furnished mostly with thrifted and hand me downs,” she captioned the post, before adding that the aesthetic she seemed to be going for was “cottage core meets white zombie??”

In the first image, the two friends are happily posing in high-waisted, relaxed-fit jeans and dark lipstick. One of them appears to be wearing a pair of Dr. Martens, while the other has what only can be described as a Rachel Green haircut. (The early years.)

As the TikTok continues, other snapshots of Amy’s apartment begin to flash onscreen.

There’s a kitchen with an old gas-powered stove and floral oven mitts on the wall, a dining room with salvaged wicker furniture and wall decor and a couch so retro that it might just bring you back to your favorite aunt’s house growing up.

But the cherry on top is really the audio that Amy chose to play in the background, which just so happens to be one of the greatest female anthems of the mid-’90s: “Sunny Came Home” by Shawn Colvin.

For TikTokers who came of age at this time, the nostalgia was real.

“THIS IS SO 90s,” one commenter wrote.

“I miss when the world was real,” said someone else.

As for Gen Zers — most of whom weren’t actually born yet — their undying love of everything ’90s was on full display. (Along with a touch of jealousy.)

“God I wish I was in my 20s in the 90s,” one TikToker admitted.

“I’d do anything to have been an adult in the ’90s,” another said. “This gives me all the feelings.”

Several others said it reminded them of images they’d seen from their own parents’ photo albums, while others said it reminded them of the apartments they grew up in, too.

“this is why taking photos is so important,” one person pointed out. “so that we can remember.”

After the success of her first post, which earned well over 1 million views, Amy returned to TikTok to post more throwback photos from her youth — which people love, too.

“More of these please!” one user begged.

“What I would give to be our age at that time,” said someone else.

“the 90s had a coziness we didn’t know we would miss,” added another.

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