Gen Z is mocking the way Australians say certain words

Gen Z is obsessed with how Australian accents sound to them and can't help but poke fun at them. Americans created 'naur' as a way of phonetically spelling the word "no" in a typical Australian accent. There is a tinge of playful mockery to it, of course. “Australians trapped in a Jigsaw trap would be like ‘oh naur, it’s Jigsaw,’" @reindeereks tweeted. Some Australians did kind of agree that they do sound like that. TikTok has turned 'naur' into a meme. "Australians when their car gets towed: naur, naur not my car," @theonapple said. In an F-word-laden rant, Australian @starmcg did an impression of an American impersonating an Australian person stuck in traffic. "More swearing and you would have nailed it," someone joked. "It's like you've watched me drive," another said