Gemini Season Is Not the Time to Fall in Love

Gemini Season Is Not the Time to Fall in Love

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Let the bonding begin! The buzziest time of the year begins May 20, when the sun beams into curious, convivial Gemini until June 20. For the next four weeks, the zodiac’s twins rule the sky.

But here’s the twist: Don’t get attached to just one partner in crime. Gemini loves variety and gets bored once anyone becomes too familiar. To keep friendships intact, assign a different plus-one for each area of life: festival buddy, paddleboarding buddy, museum buddy, and so on.

Gemini is the first of the zodiac’s three air signs, which might explain why it’s so easy to breeze around from one thing to the next during this season. After four grounded weeks of Taurus time, we’re ready to move around; no one wants to get stuck in any one place for long.

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The trouble is, we can be so restless during Gemini season that we rush off before meaningful experiences (and relationships) have a chance to gel. Although the flirting and sexting can be epic during Gemini season, pinning down real love can feel like a nearly impossible task. As Gemini Lily-Rose Depp sang in “World Class Sinner/I’m a Freak”: “And we can meet, yeah/But I don’t need to know your name.”

If you’re dating, expect to change your mind countless times before deciding whether you’re into someone. You might fear you’re being ghosted only to have the person reappear and disappear a few times over. Gemini time is “avoidant attachment” season, so if you think there’s potential for a future, you might have to grin and bear the uncertainty until Cancer season begins on June 20.

The birds and bees are definitely not the only things chirping and buzzing now. Gemini is ruled by messenger Mercury, the paparazzi planet of the solar system. During Gemini season, newsfeeds light up with scroll-stopping headlines, and TikTok trends move too quickly to keep up with. It can feel like a four-week tea party, with gossip being spilled and data being leaked. Even the most die-hard loyalist can struggle to keep a secret during this time of year. That might be part of the reason why this zodiac sign is known for being fickle and even two-faced.

The dualities that Gemini season spins up can be hard to digest. Applied playfully, however, they can be fun. There’s something deliciously edgy about adopting an alter ego, and Gemini season is the time of year to try one on for size.

As for the status of your friend circle, if it feels like everyone’s been drifting, don’t waste time on heavy talks. Lean into Gemini’s irreverent energy, and get everyone together for a night of sunset tarot and mocktails on a hotel rooftop. Lighthearted activities and laughter are the best medicine for repairing rifts now.

And if you have a message to trumpet to the world, this Mercury-ruled season passes you the podcast mic. Bring on the hot takes, pro tips, and ridiculous pranks, and share them across social media, like Geminis North West and Emma Chamberlain. Or maybe write some rhymes. Gemini might be the sign with the most legendary rappers born under it: Biggie, Tupac, Kendrick Lamar. All sorts of writers are in their element now.

Just try to avoid the Gemini curse of not thinking things through before you blast them out to the public. Drinking and texting is never wise, but during Gemini season, it can be outright incriminating. It also couldn’t hurt to do a deep clean of your social media. You’ve no doubt evolved since the advent of TikTok or Facebook, but your timeline probably hasn’t. The more you circulate, the more people will search your name. Serve them an image that represents an accurate version of you. After all, birds of a feather flock together.

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