Your Gemini Monthly Horoscope for August

Add these dates to your GCal:

  • Sunday, August 8: New Moon in Leo

  • Sunday, August 22: Full Moon in Aquarius 29

  • Sunday, August 22: Sun enters Virgo

Can you believe it’s already August? Me neither! It feels like Gemini season was just yesterday! But Leo season is definitely here, and on August 8, the cosmos will make sure you get the message. On this enchanted day, the Sun and Moon will align in dynamic Leo, forming a powerful New Moon. Speckled with starlight, this lunation invites you to radiate your own powerful, magnetic aura. You’ll be emanating your innate wit, curiosity, and charm, so this is a wonderful time to surround yourself with like-minded stargazers who share your passions and interests. Consider joining a book club, enrolling in a new virtual workshop, or even catching up with some of your besties over some well-deserved piña coladas. When in doubt, make a list of activities that you deem “fun” and try to knock off at least two or three. After all, Hot Girl Summer isn't over yet! This is your time to shine!

But, let’s be honest, there’s always more to the story than just a “good time.” You’re multidimensional—in fact, that’s exactly what your sign is all about: Twin energy! Spending time with your closest companions is fabulous, but it does make you wonder what else is out there. Thankfully, a Full Moon in Aquarius (a like-minded air sign) on August 22 will shine a bright spotlight in this exact place.

Speaking of two-fers, does that Full Moon sound familiar? Yes, Gemini, this is the second Full Moon in Aquarius—it’s a Blue Moon! Under this sky, you’ll be completing the narrative that started on July 23, during the first Full Moon in Aquarius. Let me put it this way: There have been a lot of rumors floating around, and during this Full Moon, you’ll finally have the motivation (and the screenshots) to speak the truth. My only advice? Try to avoid a full-blown Twitter meltdown. I know Geminis have a bit a…reputation on social media, but that doesn’t have to be you. No need to be petty, darling! Just be honest!

Later that same day, the Sun says ta-ta to Leo and scoots into Virgo. Mercury and Mars are already hanging out in Virgo’s practical domain, but with the Sun now in the mix, things are about to get…well, grounded. Honestly, after so many weeks of going hard, the only way to avoid a burnout is by giving yourself a time-out. Over the next few weeks, make an effort to spend a bit more time at home, investing in your nest to ensure that you’re comfortable in your environment. Perhaps you need to make a few aesthetic changes by lathering your walls with a fresh coat of paint or adorning your bed with some cute throw pillows? Or maybe you need to spearhead some much greater shifts: this is an excellent time to prepare for a move. Overwhelmed? Don’t be. Not everything can (or should) be figured out overnight, so for the next few weeks, give yourself plenty of permission to ponder, plan, and prepare. This is about the big picture, Gemini. You got this!

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