I Gave Up All My Cleaning Devices for This Steam Cleaner That Can Do It All

Photo credit: Dupray/Caitlin Choi
Photo credit: Dupray/Caitlin Choi

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I deep clean my place at least once a week—and sometimes more if there's a viral new TikTok hack that inspires me (shoutout to Vanesa Amaro). Usually, this means going through bottles of glass cleaner sprays and scrubbing down the bathroom, all the floors, and other surfaces. My cleaning caddy doesn't even hold all the devices I have on deck: a Swiffer, drill brush bathroom cleaner, a broom, and a dust pan. Recently, I realized my growing collection of cleaning tools might actually be overkill for the small one-bedroom apartment I live in. So I set out to find a more effective—and more compact—all-in-one cleaning solution.

When I first came across the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner on Amazon, I was impressed with the nearly 12,000 five-star online reviews. The dizzying number of accompanying parts (17, to be exact) almost made me keep scrolling, but the happy customers reassured me: "The accessories and attachments feel very solid and durable, a heavyweight plastic that seems like it will last a long time," said one. "Dupray is the Apple of steam cleaners," said another. I wanted one powerful tool that could replace the overflow of gadgets I'd amassed, so I decided to give it a chance and trust the reviewers.

I couldn't be happier.

First of all, swapping out the attachments is a breeze. Second, buying the Dupray Neat Steam allowed me to ditch some of my cleaning solutions in addition to my other devices because all it needs is water (and yes, tap will do!) to clean and disinfect. In just seven minutes, the cube-shaped machine heats it up to 275°F, creating superheated steam that can kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. It's a chemical-free system that works on anything from furniture and mattresses to kitchen appliances and much more. There are customers who even use the steamer in the interior of their cars! After cleaning the old, yellowing grout in my bathroom with this tool, it looks almost new.

After just a few weeks of using it, I tossed my eyesore of a drill brush, broom, and more.

I also loved the cleaner's rolling wheels, which allowed me to easily move the tool from room to room, and the cord is over six feet long. Every time you fill up the Neat, it provides you with up to 50 minutes of steam cleaning time; my first deep-cleaning sessions with it probably required three to four fill-ups, but since then I can tackle my entire apartment on a weekly basis with one tank. It's not heavy either, weighing in at only nine pounds, and Dupray offers a two-year warranty on the beloved product.

On top of that, it's currently on sale for under $150, 21% off its regular price! A pristine apartment (and less cluttered cleaning closet) awaits.

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