"We Hate Our Gas Prices, Too": Here's How Much Gas Costs In Each State, From Lowest To Highest, And How Headlines Are Capturing The Impact

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As of June 10, and for the first time in history, the average gas price has topped $5/gallon nationwide. As prices continue to skyrocket, certain trends have arisen across the country, from a demand for electric vehicles and interest in alternative energy sources (such as nuclear energy) to first responders answering non-urgent calls by phone and reducing patrols.

Jesse Espersen from Topanga fills his SUV with 16.536 gallons of Super+ gas at 7.559 per gallon for a total of 125 dollars at a Mobil station in California
Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Here are the average gas prices per state and Washington, D.C., ranked from least to most expensive, along with headlines that capture the impact of the rising costs:

The average costs fluctuate day to day, so these are prices as of June 16 as listed by AAA Gas Prices and updated by Oil Price Information Service (OPIS).

51.Georgia: $4.497/gallon

Screenshot of CBS46-TV article, "Georgia drivers paying lowest gas prices in the country"

50.Mississippi: $4.519/gallon

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49.Arkansas: $4.536/gallon

Read: Arkansas gas average remains constant after daily increases

48.Louisiana: $4.553/gallon

Screenshot of Washington Examiner article, "Gas prices so high it's 'cheaper to buy cocaine and just run everywhere,' senator says"

47.South Carolina: $4.590/gallon

Read: South Carolina gas tax increase coming amid record-high prices at the pump

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46.Alabama: $4.622/gallon

Read: $6 gallon this summer? Most expensive gas in Alabama and why prices will likely keep climbing

45.Tennessee: $4.630/gallon

Read: High gas prices having major impact on Middle Tennessee first responders

44.North Carolina: $4.655/gallon

Screenshot of WNCT article, "No free EV charging without free gasoline, diesel: NC House bill would place limits on car charging stations"

43.Oklahoma: $4.665/gallon

Read: Oklahoma farmers struggle to harvest, work with high gas prices

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42.Kansas: $4.671/gallon

Screenshot of KWCH12 article, "High fuel, operating costs impacting farmers as wheat harvest kicks off in south central Kansas"

41.Missouri: $4.683/gallon

Read: Kansas City braced for gas prices that are 'high, too high'

40.Texas: $4.691/gallon

Screenshot of New York Times' article, "U.S. efforts to help supply Europe with natural gas take a hit"

39.Iowa: $4.758/gallon

Read: Iowa businesses help employees manage high gas prices

38.Minnesota: $4.758/gallon

Screenshot of ABC7's article, "Minnesota gas station owner puts up sign for his customers: 'We hate our gas prices too'"

37.Kentucky: $4.771/gallon

Read: Kentucky pol advises 'open mind' toward nuclear energy

Also see: Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear targets high gasoline prices by temporarily halting gas tax hike

36.Nebraska: $4.787/gallon

Read: Ricketts opposes gas tax holiday, calls it a 'Band-aid'

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35.South Dakota: $4.796/gallon

Read: Gas prices hitting new records daily in South Dakota

34.North Dakota: $4.797/gallon

Read: North Dakota gas prices up $0.55 last month, $0.29 last week alone and hurricane season could make it worse

33.New Mexico: $4.824/gallon

Read: Environmental groups sue Biden administration to block 3,500 oil and gas drilling permits

32.Wyoming: $4.826/gallon

Read: Wyoming wants to export its natural gas. The West Coast won't let it.

31.Virginia: $4.857/gallon

Read: Virginia's governor still hopes for a gas tax holiday

30.Florida: $4.869/gallon

Screenshot of article, "Thieves wanted for stealing nearly 1,100 gallons of fuel from Florida gas station."

29.Wisconsin: $4.902/gallon

Read: Most eastern Wisconsin gas prices level off as state and national prices rise

28.Colorado: $4.907/gallon

Read: Colorado Springs Utilities to consider increasing electric, gas rates

27.West Virginia: $4.929/gallon

Read: Wall Street firms face West Virginia boycott over alleged fossil fuel bias

26.Montana: $4.961/gallon

Read: Record high gas prices: West Virginia, Montana, Colorado see biggest weekly jumps

25.Connecticut: $4.980/gallon

Read: Connecticut will see a 9 cent diesel tax increase, state announces at deadline

24.New Hampshire: $4.981/gallon

Screenshot of New Hampshire Bulletin's article, "Electric prices set to double in New Hampshire"

23.Delaware: $4.985/gallon

Read: Gas soars above $5 per gallon in Delaware. Drivers, businesses and nonprofits feel the pain.

22.Rhode Island: $5.005/gallon

Read: Commuters get creative to beat gas prices in Rhode Island

21.Maryland: $5.014/gallon

Read: Pay for gas or pay for food? Drivers strained as gas prices break $5 mark across Maryland

20.Ohio: $5.026/gallon

Read: Ohio police cut back patrols over gas prices: 'We're going to be over budget'

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19.New York: $5.036/gallon

Read: Gas tax holiday could lead to bumpy roads for New York drivers

18.New Jersey: $5.037/gallon

Screenshot of NJ.com's article, "Costco’s gas pumps in N.J. to require store membership"

17.Massachusetts: $5.039/gallon

Screenshot of USA Today's article, "'Stop robbing the public': Massachusetts gas station owner stops selling gas amid soaring prices"

16.Vermont: $5.052/gallon

Read: Vermont outdoor businesses watch to see if high gas prices deter tourists

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15.Pennsylvania: $5.056/gallon

Read: Average gas price in Pennsylvania now more than $5 a gallon

14.Utah: $5.077/gallon

Read: Gas prices top $5 in Utah, smashing previous records

13.Maine: $5.094/gallon

Read: Lawmakers call for investigation into potential gas price gouging in Maine

12.Idaho: $5.163/gallon

Read: Idaho gas prices increase 20 cents, cruise past $5 mark

Also see: Electric vehicles in high demand as Idaho gas prices reach $5

11.Indiana: $5.190/gallon

Read: When could Indiana see gas prices in the $3 range again? It could be years, expert says

10.Michigan: $5.204/gallon

Screenshot of New York Post's article, "Michigan deputies answering non-urgent calls by phone because of soaring gas prices"

9.District of Columbia: $5.220/gallon

Read: Drivers adjust routines to cut costs as D.C. gas prices reach $5

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8.Arizona: $5.381/gallon

Read: Phoenix gas station owner sells cheaper gas to help others

7.Illinois: $5.544/gallon

Read: High fuel taxes worsen Illinois families' pain from inflation

6.Oregon: $5.546/gallon

Read: Gas prices hit new highs in Portland metro, across Oregon; $5 a gallon now the norm nationwide

5.Hawaii: $5.549/gallon

Read: Hawaii gas prices increase and so do the number of electric vehicle sales

4.Washington: $5.555/gallon

Screenshot of Seattle Times' article, "WA gas prices jump to another record as Biden puts spotlight on soaring refiner profits"

3.Alaska: $5.605/gallon

Read: As energy markets spiral up, a gas pipeline could be closer than ever, Alaska politicians say

2.Nevada: $5.675/gallon

Read: Rideshare drivers in southern Nevada struggle amid rising gas prices

1.California: $6.428/gallon

Screenshot of LA Times' articles, "More than $6 for a gallon of gas across California; one station is $9.60"

How have the rising gas prices impacted you and your community? Does your state rank as you expected? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.