Garth Brooks on How He "Might Break Down" When He Can Safely Dine with Wife Trisha Yearwood at a Restaurant

Perri Ormont Blumberg
·2 min read

This past year has certainly reinforced the simple pleasures of everyday life which the coronavirus pandemic has robbed us of, from getting coffee with friends to running to the grocery store to pop in quickly when we realized we forgot an avocado instead of planning mega missions.

Country great Garth Brooks recently opened up about his newfound gratitude for such daily happenings in an episode of his Studio G series which runs on Facebook Live. In response to a fan who asked "what have you learned the most during this crazy year?" Brooks gave a heartfelt answer about how the pandemic has helped give him a new perspective.

"What I've learned during this crazy year is I thought I was grateful, I thought I didn't take things for granted. I totally took things for granted," Brooks said. "I think if I ever sit down in a restaurant with my wife, again, and me and her order dinner across from each other and just get to stare at each other, I think I might break down," he shared, adding he doesn't even remember the last time he went to a restaurant.

"Just things like that. Just little things that you took for granted. Getting all your buddies over and watching a football game. Just not having to worry so much about...shaking hands, hugging people, those kinds of things. Man, I just hope, hope, hope," he said, sharing that he's happy to have received his second coronavirus vaccination shot.

"You still have to wear the mask, of course. You still have to do our thing. But hopefully things are getting back to normal," he continued. "[Normalcy], it's not here yet. Stay strong. But it's coming. If we just do our job."

Watch the full episode on Facebook here. (Fast forward to around the 18:30-mark to watch the part of the episode discussed above.)

Thank you, as always, to Mr. Garth Brooks for brightening our days with his entertaining and thoughtful Studio G sessions. We eagerly anticipate when the day comes that we can see you rock a much bigger stage in concert.