This Garage Freezer Looks Good Enough for Your Kitchen

Carisha Swanson
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Photo credit: Beko Freezer
Photo credit: Beko Freezer

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Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

Welcome to HB Obsessed, where our editors spotlight standout products they're loving. Today, it's the Beko Garage Freezer, which can withstand extreme temperatures—and look good doing it.

Ah, the garage freezer—you know what we're talking about: that telltale white box in your garage that's been there as long as you can remember (no one can truly say how old the DiGiorno's in there is). Well, much like the garage is currently having having a rebirth as a game room, home office, and theater space, so is the garage freezer—finally. Turkish company Beko has brought its smart-looking appliances stateside and we’re obsessing over the 28” freezer with—wait for it—a built-in ice maker. While you will need to have a plumber connect your water line to this freezer, once that’s done it can churn out about two and half pounds of ice a day. Meaning, if you're using your garage as a hangout space, there’s less running back and forth for a cold one. It’s also stainless steel, making your garage feel as high end as your gourmet kitchen.

Aside from how good it looks, this freezer is also built for climate change—it’s able to to maintain a steady internal temp whether it’s 5°F or 109°F outside. Most freezers have to work a lot harder to do this (meaning higher energy bills), but Beko's inverter compressor—fancy lingo for what makes this thing stay cool—does all the work to keep your energy bill low and your freezer working at full speed consistently. Another bonus? The “Quick Freeze” feature freezes your items 10% faster than most competitors, helping to preserve all the goodness you often find in produce like raspberries...significantly upping your smoothie game year round.

So essentially, you can stock up on all your staples and clear out the frozen veggie aisle without worry that your food will ultimately have those horrible ice crystals attached to it making it inedible. Nobody’s got time for that. And, at only 28” wide, it can slide into almost any narrow crevice you can find. Plus, with four shelves and four bins, keeping all your fare organized and accessible is a cinch. So for those of you that consider every inch of your house—indoors and out—a reflection of your personal style and who never mind a good Costco run, this is the freezer for you. It looks so good we’ve even spotted these garage-ready freezers indoors too!

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