The Game-Changing West Elm Organizing Set That’ll Instantly Free Up Tons of Fridge Space)

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There are few things as satisfying as cleaning out your fridge. You can finally get rid of those condiments that expired last year, throw out rotting produce, and rearrange the shelves so you’re not constantly rummaging through a dense crowd of containers to find what you need. The only problem is that after two more grocery trips, give or take, your refrigerator will be right back to where it was pre-organization. The truth is, it’s nearly impossible to prevent disorder unless you implement specific tools. We’re talking about organizers, of course. Whether you invest in shelf risers to keep jarred goods visible at all times or a bin solely dedicated to keeping your canned drinks in order, you can’t go wrong. To save you some time in searching for different ones, we’re sharing a three-piece set we recently came across on West Elm. The YouCopia fridge organizer trio has everything you need to declutter your fridge in no time, and it’s selling fast, so you don’t want to wait!

YouCopia Fridge Organizer 3-Piece Set
YouCopia Fridge Organizer 3-Piece Set

YouCopia Fridge Organizer 3-Piece Set

$74.95 at West Elm

What Is the YouCopia fridge organizer 3-piece set?

Tidy your fridge in one go with this ingenious West Elm solution. The YouCopia set includes a turntable, egg holder, and rolling fridge drawer, and each piece takes virtually no time to set up. Use the turntable to hold bottled and jarred goods, including sauces, condiments, jams, and more. Of course, you can spin its base to keep an eye on its contents at all times. The egg holder is also cool because it sports the same sleek two-toned design, and it has a slide-out shelf that allows you to grab as many eggs as you need without having to fumble with a carton lid. Finally, the rolling drawer is perfect for produce. It keeps fruit easily accessible yet all in one place, freeing up your other fridge drawers for meats and larger veggies. We have zero doubt that together, these simple yet brilliant organizers will improve the functionality of your fridge.

<span> Credit: West Elm</span> <span class="copyright">Credit: West Elm</span>
Credit: West Elm Credit: West Elm

Why You’ll Love the YouCopia Fridge Organizer 3-Piece Set

The main reason we’re so confident you’ll love this trio is because our own editors love the pieces. Best List editor Britt tested and reviewed the rolling drawer, noting that it organized her canned drinks. “With the rollout drawer, I fit 12 slim cans in a space just 8 inches wide, and rather than bending down and sticking my arm deep into the fridge to feel around for the first drink I could find, I simply pulled the drawer out and picked which one I wanted,” she wrote.

Britt is also a fan of Lazy Susans, and after trying YouCopia’s, she deemed it the best turntable for pantries. “The first time I used it, I was able to fit in 30 packaged snacks and still had room left over for other items I usually would have to play pantry Tetris with,” she wrote. So, if you don’t want to use the turntable in your fridge, there are plenty of other areas in which you can use it!

Finally, the egg holder is a mainstay in one of our freelancer’s kitchens. “First, I loved that it made egg storage stylish,” contributor Kristina wrote for our sister site. “Second, it made my eggs a whole lot more accessible. And third, it can be stacked on top of other items, or I can stack items on top of it, without worrying about the container collapsing.”

Because every inch of fridge space is so valuable — especially if you have a small kitchen — you want to make the most of what you’ve got. This trio helps you do that, and it’ll also make your shelves look much neater and sleeker, to boot.

Buy: YouCopia Fridge Organizer 3-Piece Set, $74.95