Gale Almost Takes a Knife to the Face in 'Scream VI' Chase Sneak Peek

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Courteney Cox is the sole remaining cast member from the original Scream to return for the slasher franchise's upcoming sixth chapter, which transposes the suspense and gore from the small town of Woodsboro to New York City, where her character Gale Weathers now lives. When a new masked villain takes on the mantle of Ghostface and begins to rampage around the city, Gale reunites with final girls Tara (Jenna Ortega) and Sam (Melissa Barrera), along with fan-favorite character Kirby (Hayden Panettiere) to catch the killer.

During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Cox remained tight-lipped as to whether her character makes it to the end of the movie alive, although a tense clip which they played of her facing off against Ghostface leaves a huge question mark over Gale's fate.

"I can't say whether I live or die," said Cox. "I love asking people 'what do you think happens to Gale?' And people are so certain."

She went on to say that when it comes to figuring out the true identity of Ghostface, she enjoys playing detective as much in real life as her character does in the movies. "I don't really read after my character is not in the script, whether she lives or dies, I don't really want to know what happens, so I don't read it," she says. "And then I get to go on the set and go, 'hmm, are you just being a good actor, or are you good at acting to be an actor?'"

Of course, the fact that Gale has been present for pretty much every showdown in the first five movies means that Cox had to know which character would be ultimately revealed as the killer. But in the case of Scream VI, she filmed much of the movie—including this chase scene—with absolutely no idea who she was acting opposite.

"I have a really good scene with Ghostface and it was amazing," she told Variety. "I've obviously been stabbed many times and all that, but this time, to work with Ghostface and not know who's under the mask, it was a really fun. Usually by the time I'm getting stabbed, I know who it is."

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