G-Eazy Fully Shaded Halsey on His New Album With Rumored Flame Ashley Benson

Jenzia Burgos

Sometimes you’ve just had enough. And in case we all needed a reminder of that, G-Eazy’s shade at Halsey on “Had Enough” is the perfect example. The 31-year-old rapper’s latest album includes a collaboration with his rumored flame, 30-year-old Benson, and seems to take some serious digs at his ex-girlfriend, 25-year-old Halsey.

Benson makes a surprising appearance on the rapper’s latest project, Everything’s Strange Here, released on Friday, June 26. The Pretty Little Liars star can be heard singing on the album’s fourth song, “All the Things You’re Searching For.” In it, the Oakland, California rapper tells Benson she’s “The best sex I ever had, I can’t forget that,” and raps, “If I go a day without you, then I’ll miss that /...

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