Furious’ Cat’s Funny Reaction to His ‘Spare Human’ Is a Total Riot

Many pets have a favorite human, and in the case of Floyd Meoweather, it's his mom. Floyd's mom describes him as a 'furious floof' and once you see him you will understand why. She shared a video that proves that Floyd is definitely a mama's boy, and barely tolerates his mom's boyfriend, who he refers to as the 'spare human'.

The video was shared back in mid-January 2024. It starts with Floyd getting loving pets from mom as he gazes with love into her eyes. There's cuddling and snuggling, and it's clear Floyd adores his mom. Then the video cuts over to Floyd with his spare human. His face and what happens next shows us all exactly how Floyd feels about him (and why mom describes him as furious!)

That is one angry cat and his face says it all! I think it's safe to say that @Floyd isn't a big fan of the spare human and hasn't warmed up to him even though it's clear that mom's boyfriend is trying to win him over. I guess Floyd is only willing to love one human at a time. People left over a thousand comments, and some of them were pretty funny. @Katarina Veljkovic admitted, "I'm the spare and the only human in my house..." and @Dee added, "My girl cat HATES everyone with the fire of a thousand suns." @Sam got more than 25 thousand likes when she pointed out, "I'm rolling, because he even just looks irritated by his presence LOL!" She even bit the spare human!

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Can a Cat Really Dislike a Human?

Can a cat really dislike a person? If you have ever owned a cat, you know the answer is yes. Cats are a finicky bunch, and very particular about what (and who!) they like and dislike. They're passive aggressive, moody, and can change their mind it one second flat. And they make it really clear when they don't like you or something you are doing...like if you're trying to cuddle them like the spare human did in this video.

So what are some of the signs that he's just not that into you? Well, the obvious would be if they bite, scratch, or hiss at you if you try to come into contact with them. Sometimes your cat may give a soft bite - like a little love bite, but if they bite and break skin, they don't like you.

Your cat's tail is a form of communication too, and if it's curled under, fluffed out, or lashing around, that's an angry cat. If they flatten their ears when you come around, that's another sign they don't care for you. Does the cat refuse to make eye contact? That's a sign, too.

Cats are so funny and particular about things! Many people think cats make better pets than dogs do, but I think I'll stick with Team Dog.

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