Funny Ragdoll Cat 'Screams' for Her Dinner Like the Queen She Is

If anyone ever tells you that they don't get hangry, then they're absolutely lying to you. LOL! Everyone gets so hungry at times that they get a little snappy. It's not anyone's fault though. Hangriness has a mind of its own.

And believe it or not, that hangriness can hit our pets too. That's what happened to TikTok user @eeveeandyoshi's cat. This Ragdoll Cat wanted dinner immediately and the scream she let out is on another level. Take a look!

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LMAO! We felt this at our core because this is exactly how we feel when our dinner isn't served right away. The only problem is that we can't scream like this. It's only cute when pets do it. LOL! And clearly, this Ragdoll Cat knows that because she doesn't stop being vocal. We don't mind though because it puts a smile on our face!

"Screaming land cloud," commented @ther3tr0vzz. That's exactly what this cat is like. She's so fluffy she looks like a cloud. Maybe a better term to call her would be a storm cloud, but only when she's hungry. LOL! added, "Like a little alarm." Exactly! She'll never let her owner miss dinner time. @hannahjdahm said, "Mariah Carey who?" Ha! This cat is giving all the best vocalists a run for their money.

Another TikToker, @rachellynnejones, said, "Nothing like the screams of hunger from a Ragdoll. The drama of not being fed for a whole 3 hours." HA! So it's not just our pets that are dramatic when it comes to eating. Sounds like it's most pets!

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