Funny Fox Makes off With Animal Rescuer’s Phone Like a Total Boss

If you're in need of a laugh, this video that ABC News shared on Thursday, February 23rd of a fox running off with a cell phone will do it! It's one of those unexpected things that sometimes happen and will definitely make you smile!

In Bagshot, England recently, an animal rescuer was called to assist an injured animal. He decided to record the scene and set his phone down on the ground. Little did he know a fox was curious about the device and decided to take it so he could check it out for himself. Watch until the end and listen to what the animal rescuer says when he finds his phone!

This whole thing just cracked me up! Fortunately, the injured animal was rescued and was able to get the treatment it needed. The owner of the cell phone got really lucky to find it, and that the whole thing was recorded! It seemed like when the fox realized that it couldn't eat the phone, it lost interest and just left it alone so there was no damage to. ABC News commenter @Lori must be a mom because she knew what the fox was up to, "He's gonna call his mom, play games, order from Door Dash and shop on Temu!"...just like when our kids steal our phones!

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Funny Animal and Cell Phone Moments

This fox isn't the first animal to be interested in a cell phone. This monkey in Bali stole a woman's cell phone, and actually bartered with her to get treats in exchange for giving the phone back! Gorillas at the Toronto Zoo were so interested in guests' phones that the zoo had to ask people to stop showing them to the primates. And this otter found a dropped phone at the bottom of his aquarium home and its reaction is too funny!

Does your dog enjoy watching TV or your phone or iPad? There's more of a chance that your dog prefers watching TV and isn't so interested in your phone or tablet. The TV is much bigger, and so it's easier for your pup to make out images on the big screen. On the other hand, a cell phone or iPad screen is pretty small, and since dog's have an easier time seeing things from a distance, they aren't as interested in the tiny screen in your hand; they just can't make out what's on it like they can on the TV.

Have you ever called to chat with your dog? They may have not been interested in seeing you on the phone (remember, they can't really see you since the screen is so small), but once they hear your voice, they probably go crazy! But if they don't recognize you or seem to show interest, don't take it personally. Remember a dog's sense of smell is their strongest sense, which might be the reason that they're not making the connection between the tiny screen and the picture they're trying to make out on it.

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