Funny Dog Sitter Gets Totally Won Over by 'Bougie' Little Chihuahua

This tiny Chi is running the show!

Vanessa may not have a dog of her own, but she's one of the best pup-sitters we've ever seen. A hilarious TikTok video from her account, @primpnpropa, is the perfect proof! She recently had the pleasure of taking care of her friend's chihuahua, Cali-- though we're not sure who's really running the show.

Just kidding--the tiny Chihuahua is totally in charge! She knows what she wants, and she knows just how to get it. 

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LMAO! Cali is one spoiled little dog--we can tell--but she's in very capable and loving hands. We could tell from the moment we saw the pup that she was going to get exactly what she wanted. 

"Sis has pearls," commented @bryski0218. "Ain’t no way she was finna sleep on the floor!" Exactly! As cute and cozy as her little bed may be, nothing will ever top sleeping on a person's bed. We get it! 

Besides, how could you say no to Cali? Just like @shebaby135 said, "the necklace lets us know she is a pampered princess." That's just one sign! We think Vanessa knew what was coming after the dog followed her around all day.

"I didn't grow up like that either but here I am every night curled up next to a frito, "wrote @pharaohki. LOL! Vanessa can definitely relate to that now, but so can a ton of TikTok viewers. @Orangesodashorde said, "Me as a pet sitter trying to share a bed w a Great Dane. I’ve been fighting for my life every night so far." That sounds insane! And we thought Vanessa had it bad...

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