The Funniest Memes from Season Two of 'Love Island' USA

Temi Adebowale
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Spoilers ahead for season two of Love Island USA.

The second season of Love Island USA has managed to give fans even more drama than the first, with breakups, makeups, and a scandalous trip to Casa Amor. Just like the UK version, the show features a cast of singles that are looking to find love, and they couple us over the course over a couple of weeks. However, things often get interesting when new people enter the villa, and the aforementioned Casa Amor—chock full of new Islanders—is seen as the ultimate test for all of the relationships.

So far this season, fans are loving Justine and Caleb (Jaleb for the win), and while Cely is also a fan-favorite, people aren't as enthused about her partner Johnny. Moira and Calvin have had a number of different partners, while new couples like Laurel and Carrington stole the public's heart until he decided to get to know new girl Lakeyn

There's still more drama to come, but fans have been sharing their feelings about the season online. Here are the best memes from season two of Love Island USA, and we'll update this list as the season goes on.

Johnny's gf proposal divided fans:

We stan a mature couple:

Carrington seemed to opened up to the new girl really quickly:

Moira is...interesting:

Connor wasn't too sad about being dumped from the villa:

Jaleb forever:

Some couples may be more focused on winning the season:

But fans haven't forgotten Johnny's Casa Amor antics:

We call her Queen Justine for a reason:

Noah was open with Cely about what happened during Casa Amor:

But the OG boys were way too quick to defend Johnny:

And he wasn't covering up his nerves too well:

He also came across as very controlling:

The song choices on the show? Perfect every time:

Mackenzie was a tad extra, but she's sweet and made good TV:

Carrington was just trying to do the right thing:

The way the show introduces new Islanders is both creepy and hilarious:

Any regrets, Johnny?

Kierstan moves very fast:

Caleb is on the side of the truth and we love it:

Like, really love it:

Sorry Cely, don't think your family's going to love Johnny:

The new Casa Amor guys know more than they're letting on:

And Bennie seems to have the most to spill:

Johnny is a little judgey:

Girl power!:

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