This ‘Funky’ 90s Sandal Is Back, and on Sale for up to 43% Off on Amazon

Trends from the '90s and Y2K are still all the rage, and Tevas are now stepping up as a must-have summer shoe.

You totally had a pair as a kid. Back in our day, we strapped into Teva shoes and called it a beach or pool day. We didn't think too hard about style. We wanted something we could put on that would protect us from slips when we ignored our parents and ran by the pool. We *needed* shoes we get off ASAP so we could do a cannonball into the deep end (also probably as our parents gasped).

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Tevas totally fit that bill. Their velcro straps were a cinch to get on and off in a split second, so you got the first spot in line for the high dive. The outer sole's rugged design was durable for all-summer wear (including on camping trips) and kept you on your feet. And the water-ready materials (which we now know included polyester and nylon) withstood puddles and the times you ran to dip your toes in the ocean without stopping to slip out of your shoes first.

Teva Women's Hurricane XLT 2 Sandal, Atmosphere Carrot/Blue Mirage, 9
Teva Women's Hurricane XLT 2 Sandal, Atmosphere Carrot/Blue Mirage, 9

Of course, you didn't realize what you had until you started insisting on slipping into canvas shoes that got soaked just to earn style points.

These days, Tevas are racking up style points — seriously — and tumbling in price on Amazon. Amazon has more than 40 colors. Some have already sold out. But others are heavily marked down.

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Teva Women's Hurricane XLT 2 Sandal, Atmosphere Carrot/Blue Mirage, 9
Teva Women's Hurricane XLT 2 Sandal, Atmosphere Carrot/Blue Mirage, 9

The Teva Women's Hurricane Xlt2 Sandal usually is $75. But you can find it as low as $43.12 on Amazon in Atmosphere Carrot/Blue Mirage — a 43% discount on a shoe you'll wear forever (because, unlike your childhood pair, you won't outgrow them). You can also find the sandals for 39% off and $45.75 in Atmosphere Black/White — the lowest price on this color in a month. For a softer look, opt for this 19% off and $60.99 pair of Teva sandals in Sherbert Mercury and

These sandals are so much more than a dose of nostalgia. Their functional and make it easy to feel comfortable during all summer activities, from beach days to nights camping under the stars. A nylon shank keeps your feet stable, even if the terrain is uneven, which it often is on trails and beaches. Your feet will thank you for the cushioned heel tab that nixes blisters, even if you keep them on for hours.

The shoes have a 4.6-star rating based on nearly 5K reviews.

"I love Tevas! This is the second pair I have owned, and I really like them. I have wide feet with narrow heels. The adjustability of these sandals works really well for me. I purchased this pair just before traveling for a beach vacation. I knew I would also be doing some day hiking and non-technical mountain climbing. These worked really well. They also gave good traction in sand and dried quickly when wet," wrote one 5-star fan.

"These sandals are so cute and so comfortable. I wore them all over Costa Rica...and I love how adjustable they are. Every single part of these shoes is adjustable...They are great for walking. They are great for traveling...[They] were super cute at the same time," said one fan.

Pro tip: This reviewer did suggest taking them off if you plan to have your feet in the ocean for long periods. That was the one time this fan noticed blisters (but bare feet in the water makes more sense anyway, right?)

Adjustable was a favorite feature of Tevas.

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These Tevas were perfect for my needs. My left foot was seriously swollen due to a deep vein thrombosis, and only my large slide-slippers would go on. When I saw a review showing how a woman was able to put this sandal over her swollen foot, I ordered them. The left one expanded enough for me to get it to stay on my foot. I ordered my regular size, so the right foot was perfect. As the swelling subsided, I could adjust as needed. Lifesavers! And I can throw them in the washing machine — I put them in a net bag. [They're] more comfortable than flip-flops. [I] will be purchasing more in different colors," raved another fan.

Now is the time to stock up in numerous colors. Teva Women's Hurricane Xlt2 Sanda, $43.12 on Amazon