Fun Ways To Celebrate National Pet Month

Fun Ways To Celebrate National Pet Month
Fun Ways To Celebrate National Pet Month
Golden Retriever running with man
Golden Retriever running with man

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May is National Pet Month and the perfect time to try something new! Whether you have a dog that loves to travel, or a furry friend that enjoys cuddling on the couch, there are lots of things you can do to celebrate this month. Check out some of these ideas to help you plan a fun time.

Plan fun activities with your pet

A great way to get the whole family involved is to plan a fun outing. Activities such as a visit to the local dog park or a trip to a nearby beach for a swim are great daytrips that encourage fun and exercise. If you’re looking to plan a longer excursion, consider a short vacation or road trip. You can plan out dog-friendly sites to visit along the way or pamper yourself with a stay at a dog-friendly hotel. Some hotels even offer special discounts or rates for pets during National Pet Month.

And, if you have a less adventurous dog, there are plenty of things you can do together, too. Pull up YouTube, grab some treats, head outside, and learn a new trick. Or, enroll in a group class to help polish those skills in a structured environment.

Shower your pet with love

Outdoor activities aren’t the only thing you can do to celebrate this month. Sometimes, just showering your dog with a little extra love can help them feel appreciated. Try a “home makeover” by creating a special spot for your dog, such as decorating a laundry room with their favorite bedding, toys, and some fresh new pet bowls. Or, try out a pet photoshoot and pick your favorite prints to decorate the house with.

Many retailers also have special discounts available for National Pet Month. Check out stores such as Amazon, Chewy, Rover, and Target to pick up some treats, toys, and other items your dog may like. A day at the dog spa can also help you pamper your pet with a nail trim, bath, and haircut. On a budget? Check out some homemade treats you can make instead. Homemade treats are also easy to customize ingredients to fit your dog’s needs.

Volunteer or donate to pet-related causes for National Pet Month

Looking for more ways to celebrate National Pet Month? Consider volunteering or donating to a good cause. Volunteering at a local shelter or rescue organization is a great way to shower some pets in need with a little extra love. Many organizations need dog walkers or volunteers to sit with nervous or shy pets. Or, consider donating treats, toys, food, or blankets. These items can help give a dog in need something nice.

You can also check with your local shelter to see if they’re doing anything special for National Pet Month. Many shelters host fundraising events such as booths at fairs, special dinner auctions, and more. Participating in these events can give you a fun night out while helping in a good cause for pets.

While National Pet Month is a great time to celebrate your love for your pets, the fun doesn’t have to end when May is over. Think about volunteering with a shelter longer term, planning some more events with your dog throughout the year, or just buying a few extra treats to show your love!

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