Fun Virtual Easter Bunny Activities to Try With Your Kids This Year

From The Pioneer Woman

With Easter just around the corner, it's time to start thinking of what fun family Easter activities you're going to take part in this year. Even though your plans might require some adjusting to keep safe, you can still have an outdoor Easter egg hunt, fill up Easter baskets with sweet treats, and enjoy a delicious Easter meal. But one tradition that might experience a road bump is your annual Easter Bunny visit. If a mall visit is off the table for your household or area, it turns out there are several virtual Easter Bunny experiences to make sure the holiday is still extra special for your kids!

With the power of technology, there are a few ways to connect your little ones to the Easter Bunny online this year. And even though they can't sit on the bunny's lap and take a cute picture, these Easter Bunny activities will still get them excited for discovering their basket come Easter Sunday!

Use the Easter Bunny Tracker.

Just like you can track Santa Claus's travels on Christmas Eve, you can also track the Easter Bunny's journey to deliver baskets across the world. The Easter Bunny Tracker is a free-to-use website that will start following the Easter Bunny's movements as early as 5 a.m. ET the day before Easter, aka "Easter Eve." You can also download the app on Apple or Android if your kids want to follow along at any time during the day.

Give the Easter Bunny a call.

Your kids can get a cute phone call from the fluffy holiday animal. Call Easter Bunny is a free app for Apple and Android that uses a simulated call from the bunny itself. You can choose to call at anytime through the app, or set up a timed call that your kids can pick up. The recording will tell them that because they've been good, they can expect some sweet treats Easter morning!

Photo credit: wernerimages - Getty Images
Photo credit: wernerimages - Getty Images

Take a virtual picture with the Easter Bunny.

While you can find alternative ways for your kids to interact with the Easter Bunny, surely there's no work around for getting your yearly picture, right? Well it turns out there is! One option is PictureMeBunny, a website that will Photoshop an image of your child next to the Easter Bunny. It costs $30, and requires an image of your little one set against a plain background.

For a free option, check out the phone app called Catch a Character. While you can't get a pic with your kid next to the Easter Bunny, you can prove to them that the mythical bunny was in their house! The app superimposes a still of the Easter Bunny onto any image you'd like, such as your living room or backyard.

Photo credit: MCCAIG - Getty Images
Photo credit: MCCAIG - Getty Images

Send your kids a letter from the Easter Bunny.

To get in on the fun yourself, you can always send your kiddos a letter from the Easter Bunny! Simply grab a piece of paper and write a note telling them that they've been good and to expect some fun goodies in their basket this year. Then, decorate with stickers, stamps, and seal it up. Cori George from the blog Hey, Let's Make Stuff has an adorable template with a festive header that says "From the desk of the Easter Bunny." So cute!