The Full Buck Moon In Capricorn May Spark Some Sexy Daydreams...

  • The Full Buck Moon in Capricorn is happening on July 13, 2022.

  • This full moon is all about figuring out your work-life balance and limiting stress.

  • The full moon will impact all zodiac signs, but Capricorn, Cancer, and Gemini will feel it the most.

Let’s be honest here: Finding the right work-life balance is friggin' hard. Like, you want to have a full social calendar and a fulfilling career—why is it so tough to do both?

Well, there’s an astrological event that’s going to help you sort it all out. Called the Full Buck Moon in Capricorn, it’s happening on July 13, 2022. During this time, you’ll be all about taking matters into your own hands, according to Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta. But, of course, there’s a lot more to it than that.

Here’s what else your zodiac sign can expect from the Full Buck Moon in Capricorn, plus how it can impact your life going forward.

Wait, what is the Full Buck Moon in Capricorn, exactly?

As you probably already know from checking out the night sky, the moon has different phases, with the biggest and brightest phase being the full moon. Every full moon lines up with a particular zodiac sign, giving the moon its own special vibe.

This full moon’s name comes from a mix of Native American, Colonial American, and European sources. The Full Buck Moon coincides with when the antlers of male deer (a.k.a. bucks) grow out, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. FYI: Bucks shed and regrow their antlers each year, hence the annual name.

How will the Full Buck Moon in Capricorn impact your zodiac sign?

The Full Buck Moon will put you on a serious quest to balance your responsibilities in life with having fun. That includes your work-life balance, but also your ability to juggle all the other stress and obligations you have going on.

Basically, you’ll spend some solid time thinking on what you *absolutely* have to do in life (work, laundry, etc) and how you can infuse it with a little more F-U-N while also taking good care of yourself. You know, small stuff here.

Pluto, the planet of intensity, is tied to this new moon, getting you all kinds of fired up to make your goals happen. You’ll find a way to schedule in a soothing yoga class before work, get off at a decent time, and then still manage to squeeze in happy hour drinks with your buddies. You’ll also find yourself actually booking tickets for that Hawaii trip you’ve been talking about since forever.

On the love front, you’ll find yourself daydreaming of a perfect partner. And, if you’re already coupled up, how close can you get to finding perfection together? Take some time to just let your mind wander (perhaps down a surprisingly sexy path?). It could end up being good for you and your relationship.

The full moon will impact all zodiac signs, but Page says that Capricorn, Cancer, and Gemini will feel it the most.

How will the Full Buck Moon in Capricorn impact your future?

Here’s the thing: When stress from daily life isn’t balanced out by fun and relaxation, you’re only going to get even more stressed out. That can have a negative impact on your health and your lifestyle—and no one wants that.

Being able to finagle little tweaks and even some larger changes that allow you to infuse a little more life in your, well, life will go a long way toward ensuring your happiness, now and down the road.

And, as for thinking about what you want in an ideal partner…you can’t get what you want unless you actually realize what your needs are. So, dream away!

When is the next full moon?

The next full moon is on August 12, 2022 in the sign of Aquarius. During this full moon, you’ll have a serious craving for more emotional freedom.

But, for now, revel in that work-life balance you’ve got going on. You so deserve it.

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