Frontpoint Home Security Review (2021)

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Today's home security systems are more advanced than past models, meaning you won't just get a simple alarm to alert you to a possible intruder. In general, most home security providers offer live streaming videos, instant notifications, and professional monitoring.

Keep reading to determine whether Frontpoint is the best home security company for you and your family. Fill out this online form or call 833-823-5612 to get a free quote.

Quick Take: Frontpoint Home Security

Frontpoint home security has been around for over a decade. It's one of the first home security companies to incorporate cellular technology into every system. The company is also unique because it was the first to offer self-installation.

After signing up for the service, customers receive a pre-programmed box of equipment and have access to an app for step-by-step instructions. Most installations are completed in under an hour or, instead of paying for a technician, you can invest your savings into an extra camera or sensor.

If you're looking for mobile-friendly services, Frontpoint is a great choice. Customers can instantly access their Frontpoint system from anywhere via a smartphone or tablet as long as they have a cellular or internet connection.

Pros & Cons


  • DIY system installations typically take less than an hour

  • Includes a 30-day money back guarantee

  • Offers top-tier professional monitoring without a contract requirement


  • If customers cancel coverage before their agreement is up, they must pay 80% of the remaining months

Frontpoint Home Security Coverage Options

When reviewing Frontpoint's home security packages, we found that the company has several plans with varying coverage levels. The assorted offerings are designed for a wide range of residences, from small apartments to single-family homes. Here are the items included under each plan.

Safe Home Starter Package

  • Hub and keypad

  • Two door and window sensors

  • One motion sensor

Safe Home Everyday Package

  • Hub and keypad

  • Three door and window sensors

  • Two motion sensors

Safe Home Select Package

  • Hub and keypad

  • Four door and window sensors

  • Two motion sensors

  • Glass break sensor

  • Smoke and heat sensor

Safe Home Preferred Package

  • Hub and keypad

  • Five door and window sensors

  • Two motion sensors

  • Glass break sensor

  • Smoke and heat sensor

  • Indoor camera

Breakdown of Frontpoint Home Security Equipment

While some equipment is included in your bundled package, you can also customize your Frontpoint security system to fit your specific needs. Here's some additional equipment that Frontpoint offers.

Hub and Keypad

These components serve as the communication points for the installed sensors and the professional monitoring sensors. Without mobile support, they act as the control center to engage or disarm your system. Additionally, the hub and keypad are equipped with durable Crash and Smash protection—if the hub is compromised, it contains a 24-hour battery backup to ensure it remains connected.

Touchscreen Panel

The hub and keypad are efficient tools that help you adjust the settings on your home security system. However, the touchscreen panel opens up new possibilities to control smart home systems and sensors while providing a modern aesthetic to any room.


Frontpoint offers three base sensors in specific bundles, and each serves a unique purpose to increase home safety.

  • Entry Sensors: Typically installed in door jams or windows, these sensors detect when a protected component is opened.

  • Motion Detectors: These detectors will alert you to any unauthorized movement. They’re designed to ignore figures that weigh less than 40 pounds to eliminate false alarms from small pets.

  • Glass Break Sensor: If an intruder destroys a window, this sensor is tuned to distinguish the frequency of shattering glass.

In addition to these sensors, Frontpoint offers the following sensors as optional add-ons:

  • Garage door tilt sensor

  • Carbon monoxide sensor

  • Flood sensor


Frontpoint provides several security cameras that include motion sensor technology and night vision. Users can set up a doorbell camera that supports a two-way radio function and provides a clear image of anyone standing at the door. These weatherproof gadgets can also connect to smart devices like phones or tablets.

Smart Lock

The smart door lock controls your home's lock system from any device that features smart home integration. It also has a touchpad that allows family members and friends to create their own unique code to open the door.

Frontpoint Mobile App

How does the Frontpoint mobile app work? Here are some of the features available to customers.

  • Walks users through the DIY installation process

  • Customers can receive instant notifications for the following:

    • Someone arriving at or leaving the property

    • Detected water leaks

    • Smart lights left on for long durations

    • Doors or windows left open

    • Someone approaching a restricted area of the home

  • Customers are offered a real-time video of available cameras on their smartphone or tablet

Note: Customers subscribed to the most expensive service plan will receive additional support via the mobile app.

Frontpoint Home Security Cost

Frontpoint's bundled systems are relatively affordable considering the technology they feature. You can purchase the packages upfront to avoid monthly payments, but you'll still have to pay a subscription fee to receive professional monitoring.

If you would rather make payments on the equipment, Frontpoint works with the lending company Affirm to offer its clients three-, six-, or 12-month plans. Here's how the pricing works for those bundles.

One-time payment pricing:

  • Safe Home Starter Package: $99

  • Safe Home Everyday Package: $295.94

  • Safe Home Select Package: $383.92

  • Safe Home Preferred Package: $479.90

Monthly financing:

  • Safe Home Starter Package: $17

  • Safe Home Everyday Package: $25

  • Safe Home Select Package: $32

  • Safe Home Preferred Package: $40

Customers can also customize their plans by purchasing individual pieces. Here's what you can expect to pay for Frontpoint's most popular devices.

  • Frontpoint touchscreen: $119.99

  • Door and window sensor: $19.99

  • Motion sensor: $29.99

  • Glass break sensor: $44.99

  • Smoke and heat sensor: $44.99

  • Flood sensor: $24.99

  • Doorbell camera: $149.99

  • Outdoor camera: $169.99

  • Smart door lock: $149.99

  • Smart LED bulb: $24.99

  • Panic remote: $19.99

  • Indoor camera: $99.99

  • Carbon monoxide detector: $69.99

Note: Most of the smart devices listed must be paired with one of Frontpoint's premium packages.

Frontpoint Home Security Monitoring Fees

Frontpoint doesn't require a professional monitoring subscription, but the company does offer two monitoring plans. Compare the different monitoring costs and levels of security below.

Interactive Plan ($44.99 per month):

  • 24/7 monitoring and mobile app functionality

  • Wireless and cellular connections

  • Custom alerts and notifications

  • Automated hourly checks for system activity

  • Sensor history and unique user codes

Ultimate Plan ($49.99 per month):

  • Includes everything in the Interactive Plan

  • Live or recorded video streaming with cloud storage

  • Motion alerts and smart lighting

  • Night vision capabilities

With a monitoring package, Frontpoint home security professionals watch your home around the clock. Once an alarm is detected, the provider promises to call within seconds to check on residents and will dispatch emergency services if needed.

Cancellation Fee

Frontpoint home security customers receive a 30-day risk-free trial to test out their system. The provider has several stipulations if you decide to cancel your contract after that grace period:

  1. A 30-day written notice in the form of an email

  2. 80% of the cost of the remaining contract

  3. A final month's payment

You can avoid these fees by paying for professional monitoring on a month-to-month basis and buying your equipment upfront.

To get a free quote from Frontpoint, fill out this online form or call 833-823-5612.

Customer Reviews of Frontpoint Home Security

When researching customer reviews for Frontpoint, we found that the provider has a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot based on over 11,000 reviews. Of the available comments, 80% of the company's feedback fell into the "excellent" category while only 7% of customers gave the company a rating of "average" or below.

Here's what a couple of customers had to say about the provider:

"Modern security at your fingertips. Great equipment—no need for invasive mounting. Everything accessible from your phone or iPad. No fear-mongering. Straightforward service. Always answer calls. Attentive."—Sara on November 10, 2020

"Some bugs in the phone app and web interface (naming sensors, as spoken by your hub, can be a challenge, and occasionally getting Z-wave components and sensors to be recognized can be tricky.) Overall, though, good customer service to help you through it."—Jim on November 9, 2020

Common customer complaints centered on the company's cancellation fees. Before signing up for a long-term commitment with Frontpoint, read your sample contract and make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your service before moving forward.

Final Verdict: Frontpoint Home Security

Overall, Frontpoint is one of the best home security companies available. It allows customers to control their system from a mobile app and it doesn't require lengthy contract terms if you purchase the equipment upfront. However, long-term contracts and financing options are available for those who cannot afford the one-time payment.

One downside to the company is that customers must pay a monthly monitoring fee in order to take advantage of the most innovative devices. While Frontpoint does offer equipment without professional monitoring, the system is rather basic and less effective than with the additional watchdog support.

If you're ready to sign up for a Frontpoint home security plan, request an online quote or call 833-823-5612 to get in touch with a home security expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Frontpoint offer a trial period?

Yes, Frontpoint offers a risk-free trial period of 30 days. Starting from the day you receive your equipment, you have 30 days to test out the system and determine if it meets your home security needs. If you're not satisfied with the system, Frontpoint will issue a full refund for your equipment and any monthly monitoring fees you've already paid.

Can the Frontpoint Hub work without Wi-Fi?

The Frontpoint Hub can function without Wi-Fi by using cellular communication as an alternative.

What types of cameras does Frontpoint offer?

Frontpoint offers a variety of cameras, from premium indoor cameras and doorbell cameras to outdoor cameras. Visit for more information.