Front Row With Male-Model-of-the-Moment Lucky Blue Smith

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Lucky Blue Smith front row at Anthony Vaccarello. (Photo: Rex USA)

Things we learned at Anthony Vaccarello’s Paris runway:

  1. Skinny jeans aren’t dead. (Thanks, Look 26!)

  2. Black eyeliner is a wiser investment than hedge funds.

  3. Lucky Blue Smith is having a really good time.

The newly named face of L’Oréal Men was in town “for a big shoot” and sat front row with fellow supermodels Anja Rubik, Amber Valletta, and our own personal moon goddess Freja Beha. We grabbed him just before Camille Hurel opened the show in a black lace-up take on Le Smoking to ask about his next moves — including a world tour with his family rock band, the Atomics.

Yahoo Style: Besides being an Instagram star, you’re also in a band called the Atomics. And it’s awesome!
Lucky Blue Smith:
[Laughing] Thank you! Yeah, people don’t realize we actually know how to make music. But we were doing this way before modeling. Our dad’s a musician.

And when you were all born, he said, “We could be a rock band.” Like Muppet Babies?

It’s a cartoon from the ’80s that … never mind.
The way it happened was, one Christmas me and my sisters all got instruments. I got drums. Pyper got a bass. Daisy and Starlie got guitars. And my dad taught us all how to play together.

This sounds like the Partridge Family, with better fashion cred.
I don’t think Dad thought, Oh, this is going to be a big family band, honestly. He just wanted to give us something to do together, so we could all get along and work on something fun. But even if he didn’t [want to be in a family band], he is now! [Laughing] Sorry, Dad. Here we are.

You must get some skepticism because you’re already famous, like, “Now that kid’s a musician?”
Oh, just wait and hear the music. And if you’re really curious — or even, you know, doubtful — then come watch us play shows. We’re really doing it. And we love doing it.

So when is your album coming out?
Our EP is coming out literally — I have no idea the exact date, to be honest. So not “literally,” but … [Laughing] So I have no idea when it’s out, but I do know that it’s in less than a month. We don’t have a title yet. It’s hard because [the whole Smith family] is in the band, so that’s a lot of opinions. And we have a rule that we decide that stuff together. But I can literally tell you that we’re figuring out which songs go on the EP, what we’re going to call the EP, and then very soon, you’ll be able to buy it.

Do you think you’ll ever have to choose between your music and modeling?
There will be room for both, even if we have to work on songs on the road while we’re working at other stuff. Sometimes we do that anyway. So I don’t think we’ll have to choose, and I’m happy about that.

Your sister Pyper hit the runway in Milan. How do you feel watching her come down a runway?
That’s a good question. It’s … interesting.

The good kind of interesting?
Like, it’s good because I want her to succeed and do what she loves and have as many amazing experiences as possible. Obviously. But it’s also funny because it’s [my sister] and she’s super dressed-up and posing.

It’s supposed to be sexy and cool!
It’s really funny.

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