These New Frida Fertility Products Help Take the Guesswork Out of Baby-Making

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Frida launched nutrition supplements and tools to help parents conceive

<p>Verywell Family / Alli Waataja</p>

Verywell Family / Alli Waataja

Frida is known for making baby and postpartum products that offer simple yet genius solutions to new parents. Now, Frida is offering new practical solutions for another stage: fertility and conception.

Frida Fertility is helping to take the guesswork out of the sometimes not-so-simple act of baby-making. Its creators acknowledge what many of us have experienced: many adults have not been educated or need extra support tracking ovulation times, fertility windows, and aspects of often not-talked-about male infertility.

Frida is one of the first companies to offer comprehensive conception support, from preparation through insemination to (hopefully) pregnancy. These products were thoughtfully created by fertility experts like Dr. Stephanie Thompson, a Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility specialist at The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science (IRMS).



To Buy: Frida Fertility Preconception Supplements for Men and Women, $50 at

These supplements were developed by fertility experts to provide nutrients to support egg and sperm health even before trying to conceive. Bonus: the female supplement can also serve as a prenatal vitamin when you become pregnant.

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To Buy: Frida Fertility Ovulation + Pregnancy Test and Track Set, $29 at

Frida Fertility’s one-stop shop for ovulation tracking helps women better understand their cycle. You’re more likely to get pregnant through tracking ovulation and having sex or inseminating during your fertile window, and this tracking set can take the guesswork out of knowing when this is. The set comes with a novel collapsible, on-the-go pee Cup—ending the days of peeing on your hand to get a sample—a typical Frida twist of adding convenience and ease to a not-so-pleasant process.

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To Buy: Frida Fertility At-Home Insemination Set, $50 at

At-home artificial insemination can be extra challenging and uncomfortable. Frida Fertility makes it a bit easier by providing a tool with a helpful grip for one-handed hold, a rounded tip for comfortable release, and an extended barrel for deposit ease. The kit also includes a slated scoop collection cup with a rounded bottom to help catch all the semen.

After your fertility journey, Frida has many products that can continue to make your baby adventure easier. Other Frida products we love include:

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