French Bulldog's Reaction to Lake Day Is Everyone's Summer Mood

Summer is the best season because there are an endless number of activities you can do outside in the sunshine. But our favorite part of summer is hands down all the things you get to do with your dogs. Our fur babies can’t get enough of the longer days, pools and lakes. And their favorite day of all the summer activities is always the first true summer-filled day.

If you don’t believe that the first day is their favorite, just watch this clip from TikTok user @kswart. This French Bulldog couldn’t believe the best day of the year has finally come back around. His reaction to lake day is oh-so relatable. Take a look!

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O.M.G. This Frenchie’s reaction to the lake day is exactly how we feel with summer being right around the corner. He was beyond excited to be back at the lake. He barely waited until the floaty was in the water. LOL! We feel you, buddy, we run straight for the water too.

“A perfect summer day,” commented @weratedogs. Right?! We’d do anything to be hanging by the lake with our dogs right now. @luckyred21 added, “I’ve just added a house by the lake and a Frenchie to my birthday wish list!” We think everyone is adding this to their life goals because it would be an instant mood booster. And well, who doesn't love French Bulldogs?!

As adorable as this video is, please let it be a reminder to have a safe summer with whatever activities you do with your dog. Always supervise them because you never know what might happen.

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