You Can Get Free Guac At Chipotle This Week—Here’s How

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Despite our differences there's one belief that unites us all: Free food definitely tastes better. I always have your back and will let you know when and where free food deals are possible. Right now, Chipotle is the fast casual chain making our dreams come true as they offer free guac this month and here's everything you need to know about claiming the promo for yourself.

National Avocado Day conveniently falls on July 31 which makes this deal more than appropriate. In honor or the day, Chipotle is offering customers free guacamole on their order using the promo code AVO2021.

The only requirement to be eligible for the freebie is the purchase of an entree through the Chipotle website or through the Chipotle app. Pro tip: Restaurant apps are the best way to be in the know about these sorts of deals before anyone else, so you may as well download it.

This offer is only valid on Saturday, July 31, and the code can not be used in-restaurant so keep that in mind before you make your plans. It's limited to one free topping or side of guacamole per transaction. As a way to sweeten the deal, Chipotle is also giving fans a $0 delivery free on the Chipotle app and website through August 1 in the United States and Canada so you can get your free guac delivered on July 31.

For those who want to celebrate at home Chipotle has given fans a peak of the ingredients that go into their guacamole so you can always try to recreate it at home as part of your National Avocado Day plans. It only seems right to be as extra as possible, no?

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