Frankie Valli Jokes About Strange Diet That Keeps Him 'Young'

At 89 years old, Frankie Valli said he still feels "young" and shared his tricks to staying in tip-top shape.

The "Can't Take My Eyes off You" singer claimed he "eats baby food" to stay in good health. Luckily, he was only kidding.

"I am joking! Your mind is what keeps you young – you have to keep using it. I know people who couldn't wait to retire, and when they got to the moment of retirement, they started getting old real quick," Valli told People. "It's like they had too much on their mind, and if they stayed — even in a part-time way — a little busier, they could've stretched out those extra years that we all look for."

"[Age is] really a frame of mind. It really is," he added. "There are wonderful things you learn at every age as you go along. You can always learn something, even from kids, if you pay attention to what's going on."

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Valli, who only celebrated turning 89 on Wednesday, May 3, said getting older "feels pretty good."

"It's just another year, the way I look at it. So far, knock on wood, my health has been good enough so that I can drive — I have all my marbles and I'm always interested in learning," he told the outlet. "I like reading scripts and I always go over new music and listen to other people's music for inspiration."

Despite being well past what some would consider an appropriate age for retirement, Valli explained he has no plans to stop performing anytime soon.

"I'll probably tour until I can't do it anymore, but even if it's a limited amount of touring, it's something I love and I love people. If it weren't for people, I would not have had a career in the music business," he revealed. "It's those guys that really went out and bought the product as you made it, loved you and came to see you. When you go to a different city and you work in a different venue, it's like visiting friends. That's the best way that I can put it."

"It's a wonderful comfort zone. It really is, and it gives you what you need when you need, when there are things on your mind and so forth and so on." he continued. "When you go out and perform, you have this wonderful audience and you forget about all of your troubles and problems. They all go away."

Happy belated birthday, Frankie!

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