Frank’s RedHot Has A New Buffalo Chicken Dip So Someone Please Get Me A Chip


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Buffalo chicken dip lovers, this one's especially for you. While you may love to make your own specialty dip on the regular and do so only using Frank's RedHot sauces, the legendary brand is now giving you the biggest (and perhaps best) gift of them all—an easier way to get the job done with the release of their own buffalo chicken dip. And yes, it's totally made with Frank's RedHot sauce.

Taking all of the hard work out of your meal prep time (or maybe this is a snack for you???), the brand is now offering a new Buffalo Style Chicken Dip that you can find right in your local grocery store's freezer aisle for under $10. Made with only three ingredients—cream cheese, white meat chicken, and of course Frank's RedHot Original Pepper Sauce—the 11-ounce container of goodness is truly one of the easiest and convenient meals you could ever make. No, really. It's super easy.

To enjoy your dip, all you have to do is remove the black tray from the box, make a little slit in the plastic film that covers your soon-to-be indulged dip, and place it in the microwave for just three minutes. After that, take it out, uncover it it to stir, and then place the film back on top one more time to reheat for up to another two minutes. And voila! Your dip is ready to be dipped into with your dipper of choice!

If this "new" dip sounds way too familiar to you, you're kind of right. Frank's RedHot actually released a ready-to-eat version of the Buffalo-Style Chicken Dip back in 2019 that received amazing reviews. Unfortunately though, they snatched it off of shelves quicker than we would have liked. Now that it's back though, my hope is that they don't break our hearts again.

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