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When 13,000+ fans praise a $20 power inverter, we pay attention

What is it?

It's 2023 (not far from 2024!) and we lead busy lives. Sometimes, that means powering devices and gadgets in your car that just won't work off USB. What option do you have when that happens? Easy: a power inverter, like this 200W option from Foval. It provides you with two AC outlets and four USB outlets and connects directly into your car's DC port. And it's on sale for just $20.

Capable of providing power for everything from a smartphone to a laptop, this in-car gadget is a fantastic choice for anyone that still uses an older model vehicle with a DC port. 

$20 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

Installing a power inverter in a car is nothing new, but they tend to be both large and expensive, not to mention the amount of work that goes into connecting it to your battery. The fact that this plugs directly into the DC12V port and matches its lowest price ever? That's a definite win.

Why do I need this?

Sure, you can power your phone or tablet from your car. But if the time comes when you need to pull over, whip out your hotspot and do some quick work on your laptop? You need to make sure it has a power source, and you can't charge your laptop from your car. This little gadget is about the size of a credit card (albeit a little bit thicker) and gives you two AC outlets and four USB-A ports.

Combine all of that with the fact that it's only eight ounces and you have a lightweight, immensely portable tool for your car that you can keep on-hand for whenever the need arises. It has multi-circuit protection for charging more than one device at once, while a smart cooling fan stops it from cranking up the volume under a heavy load.

power inverter against a blue background
This six-port power inverter is convenience personified. (Photo: Amazon)

What reviewers say

More than 13,000 fans swear by this device: "I purchased this the beginning of 2023 to charge all my doodads becuase I travel and sleep in my car quite a lot. I drive all day doing deliveries so I can get everything I own fully charged everyday while I am on one of my car camping adventures."

One parent commented, "Works perfectly for long drives for keeping the kids entertained. Can keep a computer charged as well as cell phone and a Nintendo DS, and keeps the fighting to a minimum as the kids can now charge their devices at the same time instead of taking turns. Doesn't interfere with my cars electronic devices like the tire pressure sensor monitors like some low quality converters do."

"Works great for powering and charging a laptop while on the road. I often have to travel and this allows me to to charge my laptop while driving, or so I can use it when riding as a passenger. I’m not sure that I’d try using this to run a blow dryer for my hair or anything like that, but it’s perfect for laptops and tablets," said another user. (It's worth noting that the company warns against devices like a hair dryer or curling iron, as the initial draw can blow the fuse.)

Say goodbye to the days of questionable phone chargers and instead rely on this power inverter to supply clean, steady power. 

$20 at Amazon

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