I Found My Sweet Oasis at This Tranquil Santorini Resort

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I Found My Sweet Oasis at This Santorini ResortCourtesy of Andronis Concept

Like every gal with an Instagram account, Santorini, Greece has been on my travel bucket list forever. I mean, who wouldn't be captivated by the island's seemingly never ending staircases, vistas of the stunning deep blue Aegean sea, and ofc all of those viral posts where the wanderer's dress is flowing freely in the breeze?! I've been waiting for my moment and I finally got my chance when I traveled to not one, but two stunning Santorini sister resorts: Andronis Concept and Andronis Arcadia.

Seriously, I have never experienced luxury wellness like this, and I'm pretty sure you haven't either (yes, it's *that* top tier!). My trip was hosted by two of the world's leading wellness experts—Meghan Markle's acupuncturist, Ross J. Barr, and medical doctor, Dr. Zulia Frost, who specializes in innovative therapeutic technologies. What's so cool is that the Andronis Concept resort has several wellness programs so you can live your best blissful (and customized) life, too. Let's get into the deets, shall we?

(FYI: my flights, transfers to and from the airport, accommodations, meals, and scheduled activities were comped in order to write this review.)


  • Andronis Concept: First things first: the sunsets are ridiculously beautiful here. I spent the bulk of my time at Andronis Concept in Imerovigli, on one of Santorini's highest points overlooking the gorgeous and seriously calming Aegean sea. There are nine suites and villas to choose from if you make it a girls trip or you're traveling with fam or your S.O. I enjoyed my own cozy suite with a private veranda, infinity pool, and a view of the stunning Santorini’s volcanic caldera. The architecture resembled a peaceful cave, which only added to the resort's secluded vibe.

  • Andronis Arcadia: On day three, I was transferred (via a 15 minute car ride) to Andronis Arcadia, which is more of a lifestyle hotel in the bustling city of Oia. The hotel is known for throwing pool parties during the day and dance parties well into the night and is v much a vibe if you wanna party and meet new people. You’ll also be enamored by the vast, indigo-blue skies while you’re sipping ice-cold cocktails at the bar.

greecian sunset
See what I mean?Courtesy of Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien


  • Shop: Unfortunately, when I got to Santorini, I discovered that my luggage was left behind in Athens. So what's a fashion girl to do? Shop, duh. While I was on the hunt for the perf looks, I had the pleasure of meeting kind designers and shop owners. And, I found the cutest, chicest outfits for not only my trip, but for events I RSVP'd to back home in NYC. Thankfully, my luggage was returned to me early the next morning!

  • Explore: All of Santorini is the perfect place to explore (there are so! many! shops!). Just make sure you have the proper shoes, since Santorini is very hilly and there's cobblestone almost everywhere you look. (Yes, I was the girl who wore heels and quickly retreated to my room for sneakers.) Taking walks is one of my favorite past times and it's so much more special when you're in a place where you can get all wide eyed and wander. There was so much freedom in taking my time, smiling at fellow passersby, and looking up—TBH, it felt like I was in my own rom-com. Speaking of looking up—if you have some time on your hands, the Andronis hotels offer helicopter flights to the Greek islands, wine tours, cooking classes, catamaran sailing, and even scuba diving. Casual, no?

greecian sunset
Get a load of this.Courtesy of Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien
  • Bustling Nightlife: And of course, you can party it up downtown or even at the Andronis Arcadia hotel. The bar at Pacman is where all the action happens. If music is your thing, then you need to check out the epic music events they host. As for drinks: I sipped on an amaretto sour but I heard the bartenders make mouthwatering juices in-house if you're hoping for a mocktail.


Andronis Concept has a cool, "do what you please" vibe. It was liberating—especially, as an editor on a press trip—to be able to rest. I lounged, read a book poolside, ordered a Black Angus burger and fries, journaled—whatever I had to do to give myself a break. This trip showed me how fast-paced life really is back at home, so it felt good to hit pause. And as a content creator, sure, I captured moments, but the atmosphere there was too peaceful to miss out on so I didn't post a thing until after the trip was over.

  • Spa Treatments: As they say, "health is wealth" so you'll be feeling rich after a curated visit to Kallos Spa by Andronis Concept Wellness Resort. The three pillars of the Andronis Concept wellness model is: "be destressed," "be rested," and "be balanced." Plus, they've got a special scent for every pillar! When it was time for my revitalizing spa experience, I chose a full body massage where I was lathered with rosemary, lavender, and lemongrass. There are also activities like aerial yoga, sound bath sessions, and more if you're into that.

  • Private Sessions with Wellness Experts: Wellness is a lifestyle and is all about doing the things that benefit you. That's def not a one-size-fits all kinda situation, which is why the wellness team at Andronis Concept is all about hearing out your story and needs. Both of my consultations with Dr. Zulia Frost and Ross Barr were uniquely intimate and helped release a load of tension. It was my first time trying both acupuncture (I was knocked out after a few pokes!) and embracing a bio-energy technology. Seriously, my sessions with the practitioners were my favorite part! While "wellness" is trendy now, Frost, Barr, and Carla Frost (the Director of Spa and Wellness) have been putting in work in this industry and they're making waves.

  • Painting: After my massage, I had some alone time and channeled my inner Picasso (I was given my own easel and everything). The receptionist led me to their activities area and set me up with paint, brushes, and a blank canvas, and I took about 15 minutes to create my own masterpiece.

  • Pool: Afterwards, I got into their rejuvenating cave pool, which aims to recapture the healing mineral properties of the Aegean sea.


  • Throubi: There's only one restaurant at Andronis Concept, making it extremely easy to figure out where to go and what to eat. I enjoyed private dining at Throubi, a restaurant that boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and serves nutritional meals that make you feel alive. I had my fill of tasty steaks and endless options of authentic wines from around the world. But I mean, why not go Greek? There are flavors from all across several islands.

  • Pacman Sunset Restaurant: My favorite dinner had to be at Arcadia's sunset restaurant, Pacman (Wondering how they came up with that name? Same! So I asked.) Pacman is inspired by the Japanese expression ‘’Paku-paku’’, which is translated to ‘’I'm chewing.’’ The vibes are immaculate there—I enjoyed great tunes, yummy sushi, and Mediterranean food like Santorinian white eggplant, Beluga Caviar, and so much more. As they were serving me good eats, I was serving looks, natually. Here's what I wore our final night:

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